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Gopro Hero 3 Battery

Keep the Action Moving With a GoPro Hero 3 Battery

The GoPro Hero 3 has several features that can help you get action shots during filming. Its a portable device that uses a dedicated battery as a power source while youre in the field. If your current battery seems to be running low, or you would like to stock up on extras, you can find a new GoPro Hero 3 battery on eBay.

What type of battery does the GoPro Hero 3 use?

The GoPro Hero 3 typically uses a lithium-ion battery. The chemical composition of Li-ion batteries gives them a few potential benefits. Some of the main characteristics of these batteries are detailed here:

  • Memory effect - Memory effect means that a batterys full capacity can decrease slowly over time. Li-ion batteries exhibit little to no memory effect and can charge fully each time.
  • Capacity - The chemicals and design of a lithium-ion battery can help it store a lot of energy. This ample storage results in a large-capacity that can keep your GoPro 3 running for a long time.
  • Slow discharge - Your GoPro Hero 3 battery should not lose much of its charge when youre not using the device. You should not need to store or recharge the battery before the next use.
Can you choose a battery capacity?

Various batteries that are compatible with the GoPro Hero 3 can have different capacities. The capacity you see listed for a battery is an estimate. You can use this number to determine approximately how long a single battery will power your GoPro on one charge. Various factors or situations could influence how long the battery lasts before you need to recharge it. You can use the categories on eBay to select the battery capacity range that meets your needs. Most GoPro Hero 3 batteries operate at several thousand milliamperes per hour.

Can you get GoPro Hero 3 batteries as part of a set?

You should be able to find a GoPro Hero 3 battery that comes as part of a combo set. Some battery sets include multiple batteries that you can use as backups when necessary. You may wish to take more than one GoPro Hero 3 battery with you into the field. Having an extra battery can ensure that youre able to continue filming all the action even when the first battery runs out. Other combo sets you will find include a battery charger. This charger is intended to be compatible with GoPro Hero 3 batteries.

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