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Studio & Handcrafted Glass

Decorate Your Home with Studio and Handcrafted Glass

Studio glass uses glass as a medium to create three-dimensional artwork that can be decorative, functional, or both. When you are looking to select studio or handcrafted glass to fit the décor in your home, eBay has many to choose from that will suit your needs.

What are the different types of studio and handcrafted glass?

The different types of studio and handcrafted glass can be categorized by the technique used to create it. This list describes the different techniques.

Pâte de verre is a form of kiln glass casting. Finely crushed glass and a binding material are mixed to create a paste. A layer of the paste is applied to the inside of a mold. The piece is then fired in a kiln to create a hollow glass piece shaped like the mold.

Stained glass is glass that has been colored. It is then used to create items such as windows. The created objects may consist of large panels or small pieces of stained glass.

Other techniques for working with glass include the following:
  • Glassblowing: Glassblowing is a technique that uses a blow tube to create a bubble of molten glass. Tools are then used to create the desired shape.
  • Flameworking: Flameworking differs from glassblowing in the method used to heat the glass. The glass for glass blowing is heated in a furnace. For flameworking, a torch is used to heat the glass.
  • Glass casting: Glass casting is a method of pouring molten glass into a mold and letting it solidify.
  • Cold working: Cold working involves creating objects from glass without heating it. Cold working techniques include engraving, carving, grinding, polishing, and sandblasting.
  • Glass fusing melts individual pieces of glass together. The pieces of glass can be lightly tacked together at lower temperatures or fully fused at higher temperatures.
What décor style coordinates with studio and handcrafted glass?

Studio and handcrafted glass can be used with the full spectrum of décor styles from traditional to modern. Most glass artists have a preferred style. Find an artist you like and focus on his or her work. You can also find studio and handcrafted glass to match any color scheme.

Studio and handcrafted glass available on eBay

One example of studio and handcrafted glass that can easily be found on eBay is the blown Lundberg glass created by Lundberg Studios in Davenport, CA. The Lundberg Studios history goes back to 1970 when it was started by James and Steven Lundberg. The studio glass created by the Lundberg Studios includes Daniel Salazar paperweights and David Salazar glass. David left the Lundberg glass studio to open Santa Cruz Art Glass. The Davenport glass company produces paperweights, marbles, toothpick holders, and the functional Lundberg Studios vase in a variety in a variety of styles.