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Like a Lover You’ll Never See Again: The Gibson ES 345 Guitar

Some guitars are prized for their vintage history, while some still provide a stunning sound regardless of their class and age. There’s a reason to take the tuning, woods, and pickups of a classic Gibson ES 345 serious. This guitar plugs in with ease and is set for your chromatic tuning.

Does an ES 345 guitar need special equipment?

Find a standard amplifier, and you have enough to get this instrument plugged in for a bit of playing. Its classic look was last made in 1980, and the model you find takes electric inputs with ease. The centered pickups of the guitar allow it to balance its character between being a sole acoustic and being a free-roaming electric. No special equipment is required apart from what you already use for boosting the signal of an electric guitar.

Features found in the ES 345 model

New or used Gibson ES 345 guitars meet the specs of the ES series but with a few features that stand out. Below is a hold on those features and why they matter:

  • The ES mark - The ES symbol is important, for it stands for Electric Spanish. Spanish guitars are also known as classical nylon instruments, and this guitar brings those hollow sounds into an electric pickup.
  • Arch tops - The arch top adds a bellowed shape to the guitar and helps it with tone and volume.
  • The Varitone switch - Here’s a volume switch that allows for varied uses in effects.
  • Maple to fit - Maple is specifically chosen as the wood for the 345 model of the ES series.
  • Tune-O-Matic - This bridge helps steel strings to sustain better vibration since steel lacks the ability to resonate well on its own.
Only with the ES 345 guitar

Making a statement is possible as the pro Gibson ES 345 guitar is stamped with its own identity and in a few variations. Here’s a look:

  • Now discontinued - One stand-out feature is that this guitar is no longer being made but can be found in the marketplace.
  • Memphis - These are U.S.-made options that are marked Memphis for where they were made.
  • Natural Reissue - The natural finish is a guitar that got remade for its classic appeal.
  • B.B. King Custom - This option fits the standard 345 but has no sound holes.
  • Cherry Red - You can get blown away by the stunning red of this cherry variety.
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