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Gibson Es 335

Playing Around With Gibson ES 335 Electric Guitars

From the Flying V and SG to the legendary Gibson Les Paul, musicians worldwide have used Gibson electric guitars to express themselves musically on the stage and in the studio. The semi-hollow ES-335 is a vintage guitar design from Gibson that offers a compromise between the lower feedback produced by solid-body designs and the warmer tones those electric guitar designs lacked. Musicians of all skill levels who are looking for an electric instrument that offers a distinct sound will find Gibson electric guitars like the new or pre-owned ES-355 available on eBay for purchase.

What design features distinguish the Gibson ES-335 from other guitars?

The reasonably priced Gibson ES-335 electric guitar on eBay is a hybrid that combines design elements from hollow-body and solid-body. This is a feature that is accomplished by the insertion of a maple wooden block in the center of the guitar body. Other features worth noting on the Gibson guitar for collectors and musicians are described here:

  • Cutaways: These are hollowed out of the body on both sides of the strings near the upper bouts (outward bends) in a "wing" shape.
  • F-holes: F-holes are placed symmetrically in two locations over the hollow chambers in the body.
  • Neck markers: These were changed to a block-style in 1962 while previous models used dot markers.
How many ES-335 electric guitar variations has Gibson made?

Gibson has offered variations of the ES-335 guitar through the years. Each incorporates body/neck alterations or provides control/pickup upgrades. They have produced five variations of the Gibson ES-335 and two ES-335 signature series. Variations include the following:

  • CS series: This Gibson is a smaller version of the ES-335
  • EB2 series: Bass versions of the ES-335
  • ES345: A higher tiered model of the ES-355
  • ES355: The top-tiered semi-hollow model
Was the Gibson ES-335 electric guitar equipped with "Dirty-Fingers" Humbuckers?

Yes, three of the electric guitars were equipped with Dirty Fingers Humbuckers. The Pro, TD CRS, and CRR models included these pickups starting in the 1970s. The company has continued to provide upgrades to their Gibson options. These options will include the Dirty Fingers with certain models.

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