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Gibson ES 125 Electric Guitars

Make the Right Statement With an Acoustic Gibson ES 125 Guitar

The acoustic sound can be brought out of a guitar even when that instrument is electric. Getting the best of both worlds is possible with the acoustics of the fine Gibson ES 125. This guitar sets the right body mold with panels of wood to make an acoustic sound.

Does the ES 125 guitar need power to work?

You can play this guitar without connecting it to a power source, but you’ll miss out on a few tones that Gibson intended. Bargain Gibson ES 125 guitars are made to accentuate an acoustic feel but with a power base of electricity. You’ll find an airy, crisp sound once you input it to an amplifier for its full tonal ranges.

A step closer to blending acoustic and electric power

Bringing together the dynamic of raw acoustics and electric pickups makes a new or used Gibson ES 125 possible. This guitar doesn’t just have pickups on the side for effects. The guitar’s pickups are set where standard electric guitars hold theirs. Here are the features that give this instrument an acoustic feel:

  • Hollowed body: The body of the guitar is hollow. The way air vibrates inside is a central part to tone. The electric pickups are placed right where they can extract that air-movement.
  • Steel strings: Steel provides a noticeably bright, metallic sound that gives the ES 125 a distinct sharpness, which creates a blend between electronics and natural woods.
  • Top and back arch: The arch of the guitar’s body gives it a bubble look and a fat stance. These arches help in sustaining tone and allow the pickups to work less when maintaining an acoustic vibe.
  • F-holes: The f-holes are not just for air to pass in and out of the guitar. The motifs follow a classical-era often seen in cellos and violins. The resulting look is one that puts the instrument into its own theme of antiquity.
  • Maple and poplar: The dynamic of sound is pushed forward by the likes of maple and poplar. These trees give the guitar a stunning woodgrain and a hollowed touch to its sound.
Using acoustic sound without losing power

The stunning Gibson ES 125 guitar is what you use when you want an acoustic option that doesn’t compromise on power. This instrument lets you play with electric bands without getting lost in the noise.

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