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GUESS Men's T-Shirts

Guess Mens T Shirts

Young men have worn Guess tees for generations. The brand offers shirts in different fabrics and a variety of sizes. Gentlemen of all ages can wear tops from the globally recognized brand.

Are Guess mens T-shirts available in many sizes?

Guess offers mens T-shirts in a variety of sizes including XS through XL. Sizes may vary depending on the fabric material. When choosing the right top size, gentlemen need to consider bust, waist, and hip measurements. Considering all three sizes will help determine the proper sizing. The other factor to consider is whether the wearer would like a loose fit or a tight fit.

What material blends are used to create mens Guess T-shirts?

Guess uses several material blends to create mens T-shirts. Many options are created with a cotton blend, which washes easily and is not prone to shrinking. Cotton blend tees from this clothing company are pre-shrunk and soft to the touch. T-shirts in the line are also created in polyester, rayon, and spandex. Examples of styles created with a cotton blend include:

  • Basic v-necks.
  • Burnouts.
  • Crew necks.
  • Slit-necks.
  • Stepped hems.
Does Guess offer graphic tees for men?

Yes, graphic tees for guys are offered year round. The graphics and artwork used on tees varies by season. But some imagery appears every season. Graphic tees can be found on many shirt types including burnout styles, v-necks, crew necks, long sleeve tees, and short sleeve tees. Some graphic art themes used by the clothing company include:

  • Skulls and roses.
  • Flames in a variety of colors.
  • The companys logo.
  • Eagles.
  • Snakes.
Are mens Guess shirts offered in solid colors?

In addition to graphic tees, the clothing brand offers shirts in solid colors. Solid tees come in a variety of dark and light colors. The brand refers to their solid, crew neck shirts as "basic." Available colors in the basic line include, but are not limited to:

  • Navy blue.
  • Heathered red.
  • Gray.
  • Army green.
  • Teal.
Does Guess offer Big and Tall tees?

Guess does not offer big and tall sizes in all styles. But, the company does offer longer tees for taller men. The longer shirt styles are named "longline." Almost all style T-shirts are included in the longline including:

  • Graphic.
  • Henley.
  • Arc tees (feature an arced neckline)
  • Oversized mesh.
  • Oversized striped.
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