Ford Auto Glass

Ford auto glass will allow you to replace windows in your vehicle. Glass can break at any time, so having the right materials allows for a quick repair or upgrade. Understanding your options will ensure that you get just what you need.

Where is glass on a vehicle?

Glass is found all throughout a Ford. Some models will have it in different areas, so you have to review your car or truck and consider what needs replacement.

  • Windshield
  • Back window, which may have a slider
  • Driver and passenger side windows
  • Sunroof, which may be panoramic
  • Quarter glass, which is vented or stationary
What is tempered glass?

Tempered glass has been treated with thermal or chemical applications to make it four or five times stronger than standard glass. It is commonly used in vehicles because it doesnt break easily. If it does break, it crumbles without jagged edges so that its less likely to cause injury.

What are the tint levels available?

Glass can be tinted at different levels. By choosing to tint, you cut down on the amount of sun that enters the interior. It makes it easier to drive, reduces UV exposure, and prevents the interior from fading. In addition, tint improves security because it makes it harder for people to see inside. The tint levels include the following:

  • 50%: This level is great for blocking out heat; only 50% of the light comes inside.
  • 20%: This is considered the standard factory tint by most manufacturers.
  • 5%: Only 5% of available light enters.
How is the glass installed?

Auto glass is installed carefully using various special tools. The installation process varies based on where the glass is going. You should always consult the installation guide and ensure that you have help to support the weight of the glass.

  • Windshield: This involves removing and replacing seals to keep glass in place.
  • Doors: The panel needs to be removed and placed on a track.
  • Small panels: Existing glass needs to be removed. The new pane is seated and sealed.
How do you determine which Ford windows to get?

Getting windows for a Ford is an easy process once you know the exact specifications of your vehicle. There are a few things to consider:

  • Model and year: Identify these auto details. This will allow you to get glass that fits properly.
  • Location: Determine where the glass is located.
  • Features: Review the features you want your Ford to have, such as tint or mounting hardware.