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Flannel Vintage Casual Shirts for Men

How to Choose a Great Vintage Mens Flannel Shirt

When it comes to shirts, sometimes gently worn, older shirts can offer a comfortable and cozy feeling. There are many different types of vintage mens flannel shirts that are still in perfect condition, and are ready to become a mainstay in your modern closet.

What Are Flannel Shirts Used For?

Flannel is a type of thickly woven cotton thats warm during the cold months of winter. For many men, the warmth of a flannel shirt is what makes it a popular option. Wear flannel shirts for:

  • Working: Look for a thick vintage flannel shirt to wear for outdoor occupations, such as construction, landscaping, lumberjack, and more.
  • Casual Days: Flannel shirts were in style decades ago, and are still in style today, as they are something that never quite goes out of fashion due to their functionality. Wear flannel shirts to casual events, such as hiking, going out for brunch, or even for going to work in the office on casual Friday.
  • Events: Flannel shirts are a terrific choice for outdoor events, particularly when its cold outside. Layer a buttoned flannel shirt along with a T-shirt and pair of khaki pants for a walk through the park, for hunting, or for a nice hike through the woods.

What Types of Flannel Shirts Are There?

Flannel actually refers to the fabric, not the pattern. While many flannel shirts are button-down shirts made with a plaid pattern, flannel actually refers to the thickly woven cotton the shirts are made from. Look for:

  • Solid flannel shirts. Match these with a light shirt underneath for layering.
  • Plaid. The most common type of flannel shirt.
  • Patterned: Just like other cotton material, flannel shirts could be patterned, with everything from paisley to abstract patterns.

What Types of Features Should I Look For?

When shopping for yourself or for someone else, there are a few key features you should look for when it comes to vintage flannel shirts:

  • Size: Flannel shirts wont often come in dress shirt sizes, so be prepared to shop for regular shirt sizes, such as S, M, L, and XL.
  • Fit: Check the fit before your purchase, as some flannel shirts may be loose or tight fit.
  • Weight and Feel: Some flannel is very soft to the touch, while other has a rougher, twill-like construct. Also, some flannel is light and other flannel heavy. These are good things to check prior to purchase.
  • Cuffs and buttons: Especially if youre using the flannel shirt for workwear, look for easy-to-use button closures at the cuffs and collar, and a flame-resistant label if youre working in a hazardous industry.