Educational Toys

Educational Toys

We all want our children, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren to achieve the greatness we see in them. Learning toys that help strengthen their skills in math and science can do just that, as well as provide a fun and entertaining experience to keep your child stimulated while learning.

What is STEM?

STEM stand for science, technology, engineering, and math. STEM blends curriculum learning to teach the skills and give the tools that your child needs to succeed in the 21st century. STEM educational toys give your child a fun and entertaining way to learn math and science skills including problem solving, finding and using evidence, thinking critically, and cooperating on group projects. STEM is all about integration and intentionally utilizing the four disciplines.

Advantages of Educational Toys

Educational toys that strengthen math and science skills aren’t just entertaining. They can provide your child with certain benefits:

  • Learning how to solve problems
  • Learning about cause and effect
  • Learning to compromise while playing with others
  • Learning how to use their reasoning skills
  • Learning the basics of logic
  • Development of gross and fine motor skills
  • Developing creativity and sparking the imagination
  • Learning and discovering independence and positive self-esteem

Best Educational Toys for Babies

One of the best educational toys for babies that helps introduce math is the Smart Snacks Counting Cookies from Learning Resources. With 10 pretend cookies featuring the numbers 1 through 10 on the bottoms and matching candy pieces on the tops, this particular toy is a great way for parents and other adults to interact with babies and begin to introduce them to numbers and counting. The cookies are easily stored in the included plastic container.

Another great educational toy for babies is The Hands Counting Puzzle from Melissa & Doug. It offers easy-grasp pegs that help babies learn to count, recognize colors, and tell the difference between left and right. It’s a great way to spend quality play time with your baby while introducing basic math concepts.

Best Educational Toys for Toddlers

Botly the Coding Robot is a 77-piece toy set that helps your toddler (yes, really!) start to learn the basics of coding without your toddler spending hours in front of a screen. It also helps toddlers learn basic problem solving.

A Bath Blocks set is another STEM toy for toddlers. The goal is for the toddlers to create a water fall that allows a ball to travel down it. It helps refine both gross and fine motor skills while also introducing problem solving and logic.

Best Educational Toys for Kindergarteners

Magic Science for Wizards teaches your kindergartener about chemistry and other sciences while having the fun of playing wizards casting incredible spells and learning the science behind the reactions.

Magnetic Stick N Stack Shape Tiles teaches your child about engineering, problem solving, and helps spark imaginative play!

Best Educational Toys for Grades 1-3

My First Microscope allows your child to learn about the tiny world of molecules. It’s a great STEM toy that introduces your child to learning what makes up the wonderful world around them!

Marble Run is a great construction game teaching your child about engineering, physics, logic, and problem solving. It’s a great game that children can play alone or with their friends.

Best Educational Toys for Grades 4-6

Snap Circuit Lights Electronics Exploration Kit teaches your child about building real working circuits and devices with cool lights and fiber optics. It focuses on both science and the math associated with learning to properly use electronics.

Crayola Color Chemistry Set introduces children to chemical reactions by using brightly colored ingredients that are included in the kit as well as 50 common household ingredients. This set introduces children to the basics of chemical reaction in an age appropriate (and safe!) manner.

Educational Music Toys

Help teach your child the miracles of music and learning music with mini-keyboards, guitars, or mini-drum sets. Sparking the imagination, and creativity, the Do-Re-Mi Musical Building Blocks feature a different musical key on top of each block and a color-coded songbook for hours of fun. Studies have shown that introducing and developing a love for music helps children excel in math.