Docking Stations for HP EliteBook

HP UltraSlim Docking Station

Turn your HP EliteBook laptop into a multitasking desktop with a docking station. With this plug-and-play device, you can remain productive throughout the day. Expand your connectivity options to include a monitor(s), a keyboard, and a printer.

Why do you need a docking station?

Sometimes the HP EliteBooks 14-inch screen and laptop keyboard just wont do. Also, you may need more than a couple of USB ports to remain productive. HP docking stations help resolve this issue. Not only this, but they also streamline all your media, storage, and playback devices to provide an efficient work environment.

  • HP UltraSlim Docking Station: The dock is explicitly designed for the ultra-slim HP EliteBook. It features four USB 3.0 ports, VGA and DisplayPorts, and an Ethernet/Lan port.
  • HP EliteBook USB-C Docking Station: The USB-C dock has five USB ports. A single cable connection allows you to charge your computer while viewing content on dual display monitors.
  • HP Thunderbolt Docking Station: With the Thunderbolt docking station, you can connect up to 10 peripherals, including USB devices. Additionally, the device supports two UHD/4K displays and provides a fast internet connection.
What can a docking station do?

Besides providing ports for multiple devices, this handy dock helps improve the work experience. Some docking stations replicate everything on the laptop and project it onto a large desktop monitor. Other models accommodate multiple ultra-HD outputs, allowing you to split the video between high-resolution screens. Other capabilities include the following:

  • Turns stereo-only laptops and notebooks into surround sound systems
  • Improves Internet connectivity, so data flows seamlessly
  • Provides consistent video output
What devices can I connect to an HP Docking station?

Most HP models have USB ports that are capable of accommodating an infinite list of peripherals and accessories, such as keyboards, mice, and printers. An icon indicates the type of device each port will accept. Keep in mind that some docking stations may require adapters for the computers. The list below will give you an idea of the types of devices you may connect to an HP dock.

  • Headphones: A 3.5-mm audio jack allows you to connect headphones, mics, and external speakers.
  • Internet cable: An Ethernet cord allows you to connect to wired networks.
  • Computer monitors and TV screens: HP HDMI and display ports let you enhance your viewing experience, providing full HD resolution.
  • MicroSD and SD cards: This slot allows you to insert memory cards to read and store data.
  • Smartphones and tablets: HP MicroUSB ports allow you to charge cell phones and tablets for later use.
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