Disney DVDs Lot

Bring The Magic Home With Disney DVDs

Walt Disney Studios have graced the world with countless whimsical characters and movies that have touched the hearts of millions. Whether you are missing a few titles for your personal collection or someone you know is welcoming a new member of the family, you can find an abundance of new and used Disney DVDs on eBay.

What to look for when selecting used Disney DVDs

When you search eBay for Disney DVDs that have been pre-owned or used, be sure to check on the following before adding the collection to your cart.

  • Packaging - Although most people hang on to the sleeves that DVDs come in, you may come across a few Disney DVD lots that are either stored in a disc portfolio or don't have any packaging at all.
  • Disc Condition - Make sure to read the condition of each Disney DVD collection to ensure all discs are playable and in good working condition.
Are used Disney DVDs more affordable than new ones?

When you shop on eBay for Disney DVDs, you will find a multitude of used lots and collections that offer multiple titles for a fair price. If you're looking to stock up on movies or complete your collection, then be sure to browse the affordable Disney DVD collections available on eBay.

What other features do Disney DVDs have?

Disney movies in themselves are incredibly entertaining for kids of all ages, but there are so many more activities to be enjoyed when you delve into the special features option on each disc. Now, not every Disney DVD will offer the same features, but many of them have at least one of the following:

  • Behind the Scenes - Some of the most interesting featurettes on a Disney DVD are the behind-the-scenes interviews with artists that have helped bring your favorite characters to life.
  • Games and Trivia - Keep the fun going after the movie by heading to the special features menu and selecting a game that will allow you to interact with the characters in the movie. Some films even have a trivia section where you can test your knowledge of Disney classics against your family and friends.
  • Recipes and Projects - A few Disney DVDs will give you and your family members fun craft ideas complete with full instructions and a list of things you'll need. In some movies, you will even be able to find a section that will teach you how to make food inspired by the movie.
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