Digital Photo Frames

Digital Photo Frames to Make Mother's Day Memorable

A thoughtful present from the heart is something your mom will cherish for a long time. You can browse through eBay's selection of digital photo frames that will delight your mother with a bit of nostalgia and leave a lasting impression. All you have to do is pop in a memory card to display a variety of your favorite digital photos of your mom, that automatically change. Do take into consideration features like size, layout, functionality, and connectivity before making your purchase. Avoid the last-minute hassles and browse through eBay to get her Mother's Day gift ready just in time.

What can digital photo frames be used for?

There are five ways that these digital picture frames can be used:

  • Photo frame: These digital photo frames are designed to display your photos. Because you can load a large number of pictures into them, you can keep these digital picture frames on your desk at work or in your office.
  • Art frame: In addition to your snapshots, you can also display your digital artwork in them. Using the digital picture frames is a fun way to show off your work to friends and family.
  • Visual aid: In some cases, digital photo frames could be used as a visual aid during a presentation.
  • Educational use: Because some models can play music and add graphics, you could use these picture frames at school for younger students.
  • Media display: Use the slideshow function to show different media when at work.

What should you consider when looking for digital frames?

When looking for photo frames that are digital, consider these features:

  • Size: Although most digital frames are designed to support photos up to 5 by 7 inches, you must keep in mind that the frame itself may take up additional space. Some models have thinner border frames while others have larger border frames.
  • Layout: Many digital photo frames have set image orientation as either portrait or landscape options. Others, however, let you choose what image orientation you want for your photos.
  • Bluetooth or Wi-Fi: Some photo frames have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi capabilities that let you import photos from your tablet, laptop, or smartphone. These photo frames also allow you to display information from websites.
  • Functionality: Depending on what you plan to use the digital picture frame for, you may want a model that plays music, allows you to sort your images, and lets you apply different transitional graphics between each photo.
  • Additional Features: Some additional features that can help you use your photo frame can include a remote control, batteries, and different color frames.

How do you care for a digital photo frame?

To keep the screen clean and clear, you should wipe it occasionally with a damp, lint-free cloth. This can remove dust from the screen without scratching it. You can also use canned air to remove dust from the memory card slot and any other openings your photo frame may have. Keep it out of the sunlight and heat if possible.