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Dick Cepek Car and Truck Parts

Dick Cepek Car & Truck Parts

Dick Cepek is well-known for being a member of the Hall of Fame for off-road motorsports. In 1963, Dick opened a business as a supplier of tires and parts which were used for 4x4 off-road sports. His products were one of the first of their type.

What is a Dick Cepek country mud tire?

Dick Cepek country mud tires were designed to give truck and Jeep owners a way of getting traction while driving their vehicles in rugged terrain where they would encounter muddy conditions. Today, these products are able to be used for all types of driving conditions, including snow, ice, rain, rocks, and sand. Depending on the specific Dick Cepek wheels, a vehicle can be driven even at speeds of 75 miles per hour with these tires installed without affecting the tire itself.

When should you place your Dick Cepek tires?

When your tire reaches a tread depth of 4/32-inch it is time to change the tire to get the traction you want for safe vehicle operation. Regardless of tread depth, a tire should be serviced at five years and should always be replaced at ten years after its manufactured date. This is due to the rubber used in crafting the tire breaking down with time and element exposure.

How do you mount a new tire?

You can choose to mount your own tire onto the rims if you have the proper equipment to start and finish the job. This will include a tire-changing machine, tire bead lubricant, a valve stem tool, tire iron or pry bar, and air compressor.

  • Remove valve stem and deflate the old tire. Using a tire machine, remove the tire from the wheel rim.
  • Run your finger around the inside lip of the rim. Check for pits or rust that will prevent the new tire from properly seating. If necessary, use the correct grade sandpaper to smooth out the inside lip.
  • Prepare the tire bead by applying a generous amount of tire bead lubricant to the tire bead and rim. Allow this to dry completely so it sets properly.
  • Use the tire machine to install the new tire on the wheel. Remove the wheels from the tire machine when completed.
  • Spray another coating of bead lubricant in between the beads and your rim. Inflate your tire to the maximum pressure. This pressure rating should be printed on the sidewall of the new tire. You will hear audible pops to let you know that the beads are seating. Install the stem core and re-inflate the tire to the maximum pressure again.
Must Dick Cepek mud tires be changed when driving?

With the design of mud tires today, its not necessary to make a change between off- and on-road driving. Its important to understand that the manufacturers recommendations should always be the main source of information for this situation. However, newer mud tires are able to sustain speeds of 75mph and can handle all types of surfaces including road driving. The way the vehicle handles between different terrains may vary and safety should always be taken into consideration.

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