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Dale Of Norway Sweaters for Women

Upgrade Your Wardrobe for Christmas with Dale Of Norway Sweaters for Women

Holiday season is all about infinite celebrations and outings. From office Christmas parties to family gatherings, there are so many events you want to look your best on. eBay's vast assortment of Dale of Norway sweaters can sort you out for all occasions. Throw on a cardigan for when you need an extra layer of warmth or style up a pullover for a date night. Dale of Norway makes use of 100% wool for knitting the sweaters, which makes them a great pick for chilly winter nights. All you need to do is pick festive colors like red, green, and white, and you have your Christmas outfit ready. If you are looking for a thoughtful Christmas gift for your significant other, these sweaters are sure to impress your beloved. Save your time going out and pick the best holiday gifts from Black Friday specials on eBay. 

What is Dale of Norway?

Dale of Norway offers a wide variety of sweaters for women, including ski sweaters meant to withstand the elements and softer, more feminine designs. This company is known for its traditional Norwegian designs. Cardigans, pullovers, and jackets manufactured with warm, breathable wool are available in various styles and fits.

What makes a sweater Norwegian?

Dale of Norway is a company that derives its name from the village of Dale on the coast of Norway. The village’s robust wool-spinning industry, combined with traditional regional knitting patterns, is responsible for creating classic Norwegian sweaters. These sweaters have been in continuous production for more than 130 years. A traditional Norwegian sweater features knitted-in patterns that reflect Scandinavian folklore. The designs include snowflakes, deer, intricate “V” shapes, and other geometric patterns. The wool sweaters feature button up, half zip, and ski sweater styles.

What fabrics does Dale of Norway use?

Dale of Norway manufactures fine knitwear made from 100% wool fabric. Norwegian wool is warm, durable, and designed to be well-suited for middle layers or outerwear. The inner layer consists of Merino wool, a material that is is soft enough to wear next to the skin. The fineness of Merino wool also accentuates the clear detailing and decorative patterns.

Knitshell fabric is the result of a process developed by Dale of Norway to further enhance the natural properties of wool. The natural fiber is breathable, moisture wicking, insulating, wind-resistant, water-repellent, and absorbent. It has three layers: a soft lining, a middle fabric that has a windproof membrane, and the water-repelling outer layer. This fabric is only used in the company’s outerwear.

What sweater styles does Dale of Norway make?

Most of the company’s offerings are pullovers. Styles include zippers at the neck, zip-front cardigans, lightweight button up cardigans, crew neck pullovers, and jackets.

Dale of Norway sweaters feature natural colors. Most of the offerings are in black, shades of gray, and buff. Red is used as a frequent accent. Navy and sky blue are used less frequently.

Because this Norwegian knitwear has been made for many years, women can choose from both modern and vintage pieces. Newer options are sleek and fit closely to the body. Older sweaters are generally large and may appeal to those looking for a looser fit.

Some people enjoy wearing replicas of the sweaters worn by Norway’s Olympic and World Championship teams. Dale of Norway has been providing uniforms since 1956. Models from the last competition year are readily available. Women who want to go vintage may have the opportunity to find one of the many designs from another era.

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