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DEWALT Boots for Men

DEWALT Boots for Men

DeWalt produces boots for men in several styles and materials to meet a variety of needs. Certain jobs may require you to wear a mens boot with thick leather and steel toes for added protection. Whatever the case may be, familiarizing yourself with some of their most common shoes can help you choose the mens footwear that is right for you.

What sizes are available for DeWalt mens boots?

DeWalt boots for men are available in a range of sizes to accommodate different feet lengths and widths. You can purchase shoes as small as 5 and as large as 14. Options for footwear in between these markers are also available to you.

  • The Rigger 2 model is available in a 5 and comes complete with a leather exterior and steel toes.
  • Their Foundation 2 heavy-duty shoe is available in 14 and features a black body with wide, deep treads for traction.
What features does the DeWalt Wrench Composite work shoe have?

The Wrench Composite mens work shoe style includes the features listed below.

  • This mens boot is designed in the work and safety style and has a black body with black laces.
  • It includes a composite toe that combines different materials as an alternative to steel toe boots.
  • The company logo is emblazoned in yellow lettering on the sides of each boot.
  • This footwear is available in several sizes, with the width being about medium for a mens boot.
  • Deep black treads are included on the bottom of boots.
What are the specifics of DeWalts heavy-duty boots?

The company offers several models of mens workboot that are made for heavy-duty conditions. While the specifics of each model can vary, most of them share some similar primary traits. Heavy boots such as their D66002-11 pair include main features such as those listed below.

  • Steel toe construction in the front section of the boot
  • A body made of full-grain leather in a welt construction
  • Black and yellow patterned rubber outsoles with deep, aggressive treads for your work
  • Padded gel insoles also included with the option to remove them if necessary; you can reapply the insoles at any time
  • The collars on these shoes also padded
What are the main features of the Crossfire model?

The Crossfire line of mens shoes has all the characteristics listed below.

  • A synthetic Kevlar weave covers the body of these boots.
  • The boots have an aluminum and steel toe compound in the front.
  • They are made in the mid-top style, coming up over the ankle area when you wear them.
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