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Cosina Camera Lens

Cosina SLR Camera Lens

Since making their first camera lens in 1959, Cosina has made many for their own line of cameras along with optical glasses that fit on Nikon, Pentax, Minolta, Sony, Fujica, Voigtlander, and Olympus cameras. It is important to consider the lens purpose, the mount system, and other factors before adding lenses to your collection. If you are thinking of obtaining Cosina optical glass, then you may find this information valuable.

What is the difference between prime and zoom lenses?

A prime lens has a set focal length. Prime lenses are light in weight and operate fast. Zoom lenses cover a variety of different focal lengths and allow photographers flexibility by requiring them to only carry one lens for multiple shooting conditions.

Did Cosina make different focal lengths in SLR camera lenses?

Yes, Cosina made many different focal lengths in SLR lenses for cameras including:

  • 8 millimeters to 24 millimeters: Lenses useful for capturing panoramic shots and other wide-angle images.
  • 24 millimeters to 35 millimeters: Useful for capturing interior shots and landscapes.
  • 35 millimeters to 80 millimeters: General purpose lenses. This choice comes close to recording what the human eye sees.
  • 80 millimeters to 135 millimeters: Good choices for taking portraits.
  • 135 millimeters to 300 millimeters: Used for sports and wildlife.
  • 300 millimeters and above: These are for capturing images at extreme distances such as stars.
What is the F-stop on a Cosina camera lens?

The F-stop on a camera lens is the focal length divided by the diameter of the lens. The larger the f-stop, the less light the lens will let into the sensor on the cameras body. Therefore, if you will be shooting in low-light conditions then try to obtain a unit with high f-stop numbers. Alternatively, if you will be shooting in bright sunlight, lenses with low f-stop numbers are a good choice.

How do you choose the right SLR camera lens?

With so many different choices, it can be confusing to choose the right Cosina optical glass. Following some simple selection guidelines can help.

  • Prime or telephoto: Consider which one will fit your needs.
  • Focal length: Wide-angle to microscopic are all obtainable.
  • Aperture: Measured in f-stops, this number determines how much light gets in.
  • Mounting system: From screw-on to a bayonet style, there are many different options.
  • Image stabilization software: Some lenses for SLR devices help eliminate handshaking.
  • Size and weight: Think about your ability to carry the optical glass to your favorite shooting locations.
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