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Conn Alto Saxophones

What to Know Before Purchasing a Conn Alto Saxophone

The alto saxophone produces the second highest range of notes of the four traditional voices of the saxophone. There are a variety of new and pre-owned Conn alto saxophones available for purchase on eBay. Use the following frequent questions about Conn saxophones to help guide you on your purchase.

What models are available?

Conn is one of the oldest saxophone manufacturers in the world. They have produced a variety of beginner and professional horns over the years. The following are some of the models you can find:

  • Colonial - This is a vintage beginner horn, meaning it is a basic horn designed to meet the needs of a students skills and budget.
  • New Wonder - This horn, made in the 1920s, is pursued by both vintage horn-loving players and collectors.
  • 24M - A recent horn, the 24M is designed for beginners with technologically advanced ergonomics and technology, making it easy and fun to play.
  • 6M - Also called a "Naked Lady Conn" because of the engraving on the bell, it is one of the most sought-after horns Conn has ever produced because of its quality and collectability.
  • Parts - There are also non-working horns sold for parts, which is an ideal option for aspiring saxophone repair technicians.
Do they come with cases?

Many of the affordable alto saxophones sold on eBay come with cases. Many of the vintage models come with the original case included, while others are sold with contemporary gig bags and cases, providing increased protection and portability. Other accessories may be included in the case, such as a neck strap, cleaning kit, and cork grease.

What shoppers should look for

When purchasing a Conn alto saxophone, there are a lot of things to consider. The following are things saxophonists should look for first when shopping for an alto saxophone on eBay.

  • Condition - This is the most important factor. Do you want a cheaper project that you have to put some money into or something that will play beautifully right out of the case?
  • Age - Vintage horns are known to have a darker sound, while newer horns are more comfortable and ergonomic to hold. Consider this before making a decision.
  • Mouthpiece - The mouthpiece is important to the sound quality of a horn. Some come with stock mouthpieces, but you may want to purchase your own.
  • Set up - Horns that have had a recent set up will be in like-new condition. This is usually noted in the description of the condition of the horn.
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