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Computer Projectors

What to Look for in Computer Projectors

For centuries, humans have been fascinated by light projections. However, the use of computer projectors started in the 90s when business and schools used them on a regular basis. If you may be considering a computer projector for your next presentation, here is a brief overview of computer projectors and their specifications.

What types of projections do computer projectors use?

The two most common types of computer projectors use LCD and DLP projections. Here are some of their features to consider.

  • LCD: LCD projectors use polarized mirrors that allow only certain light colors to pass through it. The red, green, and blue light converge on the prism, which helps control the intensity and saturation of individual color.
  • DLP: These digital light processing units usually offer a more fluid and clearer image compared to LCD projectors. DLP projectors are divided into one-chip and three-chip varieties. The one-chip projector can produce 16 million color variations, while the three-chip DLP projector is able to offer 35 trillion colors. See the manufacturer site for details.
What roles do brightness and lens size play?

The brightness of the image and the lens size play an important role in the quality of presentation. In simple words, the higher the lumen value, the brighter the image. As a result, it's important to realize that small lumen value can also offer a bright image when projected on a small screen in a small room. In fact, you can easily use an LCD or DLP projector of less than 1000 lumens to get a crystal-clear image in a compact indoor space.

On the other hand, you will likely require a more powerful projector to project an image in an open space on a large screen. If the projector needs to be placed at a greater distance from the screen, then brightness of more than 7000 lumens may be required. If distance is an issue, it's practical to use a projector of larger lens size because a long-throw lens is needed to cover large distances and large screen size.

What connections are available to connect computers to a projector?

You can easily display a computer image on a projector using different types of available connections. Most projectors come with an HDMI and VGA port. The HDMI is becoming a standard port in projector models due to its ability to transfer high-quality video and audio through a single cable. Besides the common HDMI connector and VGA ports, you may also find DVI, composite video, and S-video. Recently, FireWire connectors are also used to transfer data at increasingly high rates. Despite the high quality of FireWire connections and HDMI connections, it's practical to point out that the technology behind these formats is different, and there is no way to directly convert one to another.