Collectible Still & Piggy Banks

Collectible Still and Piggy Banks

Collectible piggy banks come in a variety of different looks and styles. These plastic, ceramic, or metal banks were designed to save money for a child, including various coins and bills, and they are often gifts from parents and used as a piece of decor in children’s bedrooms. Some are simple and straightforward while others have a funny look that is designed to make a child laugh.

Why are they shaped like a piggy?

Money banks like these have a history that stretches back centuries. The first known ceramic gifts of this type were made in Europe during the 1600s. They were made using a type of orange clay known as "pygg." The phonetic similarity inspired somebody to turn them into cute pigs and create them as novelty money bank gifts for younger people.

Finding one of these ancient items is likely impossible because most had to be smashed to retrieve the money. It is likely that you have seen a child smash one in a movie. As a result, vintage versions are often quite rare to find in one piece.

What type of coin banks can be collected?

When it comes to coin banks, there are many different styles of piggy banks available. Some people will want ones with piggy designs. Others will want ones that reflect kids popular culture and funny characters. These are just a few of the common banks you can give as gifts:

  • Animals: Funny and cute animals, such as dogs or cows, are common piggy banks because they tap into the way that kids love cute animals.
  • Characters: Mickey Mouse, Mario, Superman, and other types of funny kids’ characters are often used as piggy banks.
  • Vehicles: Kids who like vehicles such as cars and tanks may collect coin banks to create a savings account for their coins and paper money.
What characters are available for saving money and coins?

There are a few characters that are especially sought-after as piggy banks. These include:

  • Pink Princess savings bank: This bank has a princess design for its money box and is ideal for saving coins and money for children who love a princess’ style.
  • Friendly waving cat bank: This Japanese product features a smiling cat that automatically collects coins and money and deposits them in a box.
  • Godzilla piggy bank: Fans of this character can use this item to collect their cash and to decorate their rooms with the King of Monsters.
  • Strawberry Shortcake: This vintage children’s show character inspires a variety of items, including this simple piggy bank.
  • Choken Hungry Dog: Those who want a fun animal for their money banks can try this hungry dog product. It will eat the cash quickly and produce a satisfied woof when it is done eating.
  • Dale Earnhardt car: Fans of this auto racer may enjoy collecting their bills with this vehicle-shaped coin bank.