Collectible Naruto Anime Items

Collectible Naruto Anime Items

Celebrate your favorite anime characters and commemorate episodes from the Naruto series and manga with collectable Naruto anime items. Some pieces of Naruto merchandise are modeled after ninja equipment used in an episode of the show. Other pieces are taken from a chapter of the manga illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto.

Have official Naruto Akatsuki ninja robes ever been made?

Yes, official Akatsuki ninja robes are available on both sides of the Pacific Ocean. Akatsuki ninja robes come in the black and red cloud pattern that these rogue ninjas wear in both the Naruto Shippuden anime and manga.

What Naruto characters have been featured on T-shirts?

Multiple anime characters from Naruto have been featured on T-shirt designs. The Fourth Hokage had his royal Hokages robes featured on a hoodie. While most graphic T-shirt designs offer groups of Naruto characters, some of them feature a single anime character. As well as Naruto Uzumaki himself, some of the major Naruto characters from the anime to get their own T-shirt include the following:

  • Uchiha Sasuke
  • Haruno Sakura
  • Uzumaki Boruto
  • Hatake Kakashi
  • Rock Lee
Are there Naruto cosplay outfits?

You can find cosplay outfits for the following Naruto characters:

  • Hatake Kakashi: This Anbu outfit includes a black undershirt, black pants, and gray vest featuring two pockets with buckles on the front.
  • Fourth Hokage: The royal Hokages robe is available in its white color with red flame and Japanese lettering detailing on the back.
  • Uchiha Sasuke: The outfit consists of the blue and white robe Uchiha Sasuke wears with the purple rope tie and matching navy pants and armbands.
What styles of headbands have come from the Naruto manga?

Real-life versions of all of the Naruto headband designs from the original manga are available. This includes those only seen in Naruto episodes for a brief period of time, like those worn by missing-nin and by the Allied Shinobi Forces. You can also find versions of the goggles that Naruto Uzumaki wore in the Naruto pilot episode.

What variant figures of Sasuke have been made?

Since Sasuke Uchihas appearance changes in later episodes, Bandai has issued different figures to represent different periods of time. You can find figures depicting him in the following outfits:

  • His blue outfit from the earliest episodes
  • His transformed Sharingan state
  • His Shinobi outfit from when he returned to Konoha
  • His adult clothing from the epilogue
  • His cloak from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations