Cell Phone Wallet Cases for Samsung Galaxy S4

How to Select Wallet Cases for the Galaxy S4

Sometimes, a phone case is meant for more than just protection. For example, a wallet case gives you storage space to carry your debit or credit cards, a few bills, and more depending on the style, allowing you to leave a larger bag or purse at home to head out with just the essentials.

What Are Some Features of These Cases?

There are multiple types of cases and depending on the types you choose, they may offer a variety of benefits and features. These cases double as a wallet, adding convenience when you only need your ID and phone, while other features simply enhance their usage further.

  • A model with a built-in screen protector ensures that your Samsung Galaxy S4 doesnt get scratched or smudged.
  • Choose a flip case to take advantage of a kickstand feature. These cases flip over and prop your Galaxy S4 up, so you can look at your phone hands-free, which could make viewing content more portable.
  • Select a waterproof case when you know youre going to be near the water or when you work a job that has the risk of your phone getting splashed or wet.

Which Brands Make Cases?

While picking a phone case largely depends on factors such as style and available features, you may be partial to a specific brand or find that one brand carries just the case youre looking for.

  • A Speck case has a form-fitting design that wont take up much space in your purse or pocket. From the front, these look like regular accessories, but the back includes a space for your cards and maybe a bill or two.
  • Reiko cases combine fashion with function via its wallet cases that come in a variety of designs. Some of these are folio-style, which means they have a flap that you open to access your phone and storage compartments, and some are flip cases that include a kickstand. In addition, they come in assorted colors with metal accents and allow you to quickly access your camera and ports.
  • For a sturdy case that also holds cards and cash, consider the OtterBox Strada model, which is a flip-style case with a card slot on the opposite side of the phone.

What Materials Are Available?

There are varied fabrics and materials to consider when youre looking for a wallet case.

  • Leather cases have a sleek and elegant design and come in assorted colors like standard black or brown or in bolder shades like pink or purple. Some have a wrist strap attached to loop around your wrist, and some are folio or flip cases.
  • A rigid plastic case is a bit more rugged and may have features like drop protection or shockproof materials
  • For a soft, flexible case, select one made with silicone or rubber.

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