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Cell Phone Wallet Case with Clip for Universal Models

What Are the Benefits of Carrying Universal Wallet Cases?

A smartphone offers a variety of features that allow you to stay connected with your friends and family. Protecting your phone with a case can help your cell phone avoid accidental damage. There are different types of wallet cases available for your phone, and the features will vary depending on the brand.

How can you select a wallet case?
  • Gather phone information: You will want to gather information on the size and shape of your smartphone. You will want to select a case that fits the phone snugly so that the phone does not fall out in transit.
  • Select a color/material: Some cases will be made of natural or synthetic leather. Others will be made of rubber, plastic, nylon, or other materials where you can choose a color to customize the appearance.
  • Select a brand: You can choose from brands made by the same company that manufactured your phone. There are also branded cases from companies that produce wallets and purses.
  • Select a design: Some cases will have a glossy or matte finish. There are also some designs that are jeweled or have other attachments.
  • Choose features: Some cases will be water-resistant or have UV protection. Some features allow you to select from belt loops, clips, and straps.
What types of wallet cases are available?
  • Book wallet: This type of a case is a full-sized wallet replacement. Book wallets will conceal your cell phone by completely covering the casing. These will have a spot for holding cash along with your drivers license and credit cards.
  • Horizontal armor: This type will have different padding on the inside of the case. Some cases will have additional protection on the outside as well.
  • Waist bag: This type of cell phone case will have a belt clip attached to it so that your phone can be holstered at your side.
  • Flip case: Flip cases are a type of cover for your smartphone. This type has a cover that protects the screen and has spots for carrying your cards on the back.
  • Pocket wallet: This type is mainly a wallet that also has a portion for concealing your cell phone.
What type of carrying methods do wallet smartphone cases have?
  • Clip: This component will be made of metal and works similarly to the belt loop. It can also be clipped onto a bag or other case.
  • Belt loop: This type allows you to holster the phone case onto your belt for easy access.
  • Strap: A strap is made of fabric and allows you to wrap the strap around your wrist to carry it around.