Cell Phone USB Cables for iPhone 4s

Charging Your iPhone 4s Battery With USB Cables

A USB cable can be used to connect your iPhone 4s to power sources such as a wall outlet, a laptop, or an external battery. It can also be used to connect your smartphone to data-sharing sources.

What is a high-speed charging cable?

A high-speed charging cable is a line thats specifically engineered to deliver a greater number of watts to your iPhone than a standard charging cable. When the two cables are plugged into an equivalent power source, it can dramatically cut the time needed to charge your iPhone.

What materials are used to create iPhone charging cables?

Two types of materials are used to manufacture the USB cords used for charging iPhone 4s batteries:

  • Plastic: Plastic is the most common material used in the manufacture of iPhone charging cords. Plastic provides a durable coating that protects the charger cords internal core.
  • Nylon: Braided nylon is also used in the manufacture of USB charger cords because of its elastic properties. Braided nylon can be manufactured in many different colors so that charging cords made from this material can also be decorative.
  • Copper or Silver: This is what the core of the cable is typically made from. Copper and silver are used for their conductive properties, and can sometimes be plated with nickel for shielding.
What is a data sync cable for an iPhone?

Certain types of USB cables are only intended to be used in iPhone battery charging. If the product insert in a plastic or nylon cable states that that the line also provides "data sync" functionality, the cable can be used to transfer data files as well. If an iPhone 4S user wishes to move files onto the hard drive of another device, they must be careful to use a USB sync cord. Different devices use differently designed cord connector ports, so its important to choose the right cord for the specific device youu001aÄôre using.

What is a USB power adapter?

Users can only plug the USB end into the appropriate port of a charger device. In order to plug the cord into a wall outlet, the USB end must be connected to an adapter with outlet prongs. The prongs then plug into a wall socket to generate the desired level of charge for the battery.

What USB cable lengths are available for the iPhone 4S?

Charger cords are available in a range of lengths. The most common length option is 1 meter (3.3 feet). USB cords are also available in 6-foot and 10-foot lengths.