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Cell Phone Battery Cases for Samsung Galaxy S4

Backup Power For Cell Phones

There are a number of ways to recharge the battery on your Samsung Galaxy S4, including the standard adapter and cable that comes with it. On the other hand, you dont always have access to an electrical outlet, so a battery case can come in handy.

Why Might You Need a Battery Case?

Your Galaxy S4 battery is removable, so you could always just carry an extra one around for when you need one. However, this isnt always the most convenient prospect. Battery cases are carried as part of your phone, like a protective case, so you never have to remember it.

  • Charge On the Go: A battery case allows you to take your Samsung Galaxy phone out for a long day or a multiple-day trip without having to worry about finding an outlet when your battery runs low. Instead, you can recharge your battery using the case. With the Incipio battery cases, for example, you would just flip the switch to start charging.
  • USB Port: Besides being able to extend your battery life, recharging the battery case can be as simple as plugging it into a USB connection on a charger.
  • Wireless Charging Technology: Some battery cases, like the mophie Juice Packs and uNu models, allow you to recharge the battery with wireless charging technology. As the name implies, wireless charging does not rely on any cords for use. However, for the Galaxy S4, you may need to buy a kit to allow for wireless charging.

How to Choose Among Cases?

If you decide a battery case is for you, youll need to find one compatible with the S4. Besides that though, there are a couple of other features to consider.

  • Capacity: The Li-ion battery inside of your case should either hold the same amount or greater than your regular phone battery. This is measured in milliamp hours (mAh). So, if your current battery is 2000 mAh, you want a case that holds that amount at a minimum.
  • Output: If you want a device that works quickly, you need to find a high output device. That is, you want a minimum of 1.0 amp and up to 3.0 amps (15 watts). The higher the amperage, the faster your device charges.
  • Pass-Through Charging: Many cases have something called pass-through charging. First, the phones battery, then the extra battery is charged. However, this is not always the case. Making sure of what type of charging occurs can save any issues when first starting out with your new case.

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