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Cases, Bags and Covers for Leica M

Everything You Need to Know About Cases for Leica M Cameras

Cases, bags, and covers help protect your Leica M camera, whether it’s in storage or when you are on the go. Choose from a variety of case designs to suit your shooting style and travel needs.

What is a half case?

A half case fits over the bottom half of your Leica camera. A rounded dip in the front panel accommodates your lens without getting in the way. Many models also feature an opening in the bottom for the battery door so you can remove the battery without taking off the case. Some half cases also feature a raised front grip that makes it easier to hold your camera while you shoot. Depending on how high the case extends up the sides of the camera, it may also feature openings for camera straps.

What other types of cases are available for Leica cameras?

If you’re looking for more coverage and protection than a half case offers, you can opt for models that cover your entire camera. Choose from a variety of styles, including:

  • Flip-up cases - These models are designed to fit closely around your Leica; this prevents the camera from moving around when you’re carrying it. These styles have flip-up lids that allow you to lift out the camera.
  • Soft cases - Made with leather, neoprene, or other flexible materials, soft cases fit gently around your Leica. The material acts as a protector from dirt and debris so that your leather or neoprene case will protect the camera. Many of these cases feature long fronts, so they can hold your Leica even when it’s loaded with a longer lens.
  • Camera bags - These large, spacious bags have room for your Leica as well as multiple lenses. Some models feature separate interior compartments to keep each device safe, while others come with integrated pockets for charging cables and memory cards. Bags with shoulder straps allow hands-free carrying in the field or at the airport.
How can you choose a case for a Leica camera?

The right bag for your Leica depends on how you like to shoot. To narrow down the options, follow these simple steps:

  • Choose a case style - Select from half cases, full-coverage cases, full covers, and bags that can hold several lenses.
  • Narrow by Leica model - Choose a case that is designed to fit your Leica model.
  • Select a material - Cases for Leica models are available in leather, neoprene, fabric, and more.
  • Pick a color - Choose from classic colors such as black and brown, or opt for cases with accents of red, yellow, orange, and more.
  • Choose special features - Look for cases with integrated grips, built-in straps, battery doors, interior compartments, and more.
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