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Cases, Bags and Covers for Kodak EasyShare

Find a Sturdy Stylish Bag for Your Kodak EasyShare

The Kodak EasyShare digital cameras take-along size makes it a natural choice for creating memories almost anywhere. Finding the right case for your camera that matches your style helps ensure that your EasyShare will be ready to go when that perfect shot appears.

What are the features of a Kodak EasyShare camera case?

Each type of camera case offers different combinations of the following features:

  • Rigid construction for protection against drops
  • Flexible construction for lighter weight
  • Multiple pockets for small camera accessories
  • Carabiner clip
  • Belt loop
  • Shoulder strap
What is a lightweight case option for the Kodak EasyShare?

Because the Kodak EasyShare is a compact digital camera, you can choose a simple thin-sleeve to store it in. This type of camera case is made of nylon or canvas. One style has a pocket to slip the camera into and a flap that folds over and secures with Velcro. Another style closes with a zipper. A handy belt-loop or carabiner ring lets you carry the camera at your waist.

What hard-case options are available for the Kodak EasyShare?

If you want to protect your camera with a hard shell, there are a couple of different types of rigid cases that will fit the EasyShare. One is a hard molded-carbon-fiber case. The other is a molded material that holds its shape but has a bit of flexibility. Both of these styles have padded interiors and typically close with zippers. They may have a small pocket in the lid.

What Kodak EasyShare camera case has room for extra gear?

If you want to take your battery charger, an extra battery, or just a few miscellaneous items along with your camera, you will need a bigger case with more pockets. Soft cases made of sturdy nylon or canvas usually have a pocket in the top as well as one or more on the outside. The flexible material lets you stuff in as much as the pockets can hold. Some soft cases are small enough to carry on your belt or clip to a backpack. There are also larger bags that come with shoulder straps and top handles. The larger styles often have two zippered-compartments so that you can separate your Kodak EasyShare camera from any accessories that might scratch it.

What color choices are available for EasyShare bags?

You have a choice of several colors in hard and soft cases. Almost every model is available in classic black. You can also find hard cases in red, purple, pink, and other colors if you want something a little flashier. Soft cases made of canvas offer many color choices. Bright red, lime green, purple, and turquoise are just a few of the options.

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