Card Pocket Cases for iPhone 6 Plus

Stylish iPhone 6 Plus Card Pocket Cases

The card pocket case for iPhone 6 Plus is designed to be slim and fit into most shirt and pants pockets. These cases are made by a number of different manufacturers. The cases are available in a variety of colors, materials, and styles.

What brands are available?

There are a number of brands available for iPhone 6 Plus slim cases. Below is a small sampling of brands who offer various models of these cases for your iPhone 6 Plus in a variety of colors and materials.

  • Otterbox
  • Michael Kors
  • MyJacket
  • CandyShell
  • Speck
What type of cases are available?

While this type of case for the iPhone 6 Plus is designed to be slim, there are a number of different types of card case styles available. Among the different designs available are durable cases made to withstand rugged use, magnetic flip cases that allow the user to open and close a flip to access the front of the phone, and snap flap cases that allow you to open and close the case with a snap button.

What type of materials are these cases made from?

These products are manufactured in a variety of materials. Among the many material options available for card cases designed for the iPhone 6 Plus are leather, faux leather, aluminum, rubber, plastic, fabric, and metal alloys. Also, note that some of the cases that appear to be made of leather may be made of a synthetic material that looks just like leather. Some cases made also come in a combination of materials such as a rubber and metal hybrid.

What features are available with these phone cases?

Some of these products will come with a number of specific features. Available options include a zippered pocket to store coins or other small items, a stand to allow your phone to be propped up so you can watch videos hands-free, credit-card-sized slots, and clip-on straps. Some of these products will come with multiple features, while others may not have any of the features listed above.

What designs are available for these card cases?

Since the product is available from a number of different brands, there is a wide array of colors and styles with the variety of designs. There are card phone cases available in a number of solid colors as well as design patterns. These different design patterns may include plaid, floral, and geometric patterns. Some card cases may also contain reproductions of artwork or attractive scenes.

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