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Choosing the Perfect 4 x 6 Photo Paper for Your Canon Printer

Showcasing your photographs in print is a fantastic way to create new art and display your memories. When youre printing your photos, you want to be using the right photo paper so that your images are clear, crisp, and colorful. If you are looking to purchase printer paper, there are some important things to keep in mind.

What size paper sheets will you need?

Paper can come in many different sizes and specifications. You will want to get the right dimensions for your Canon. The standard printer photo paper sizes are 4 x 6 inches and 5 x 7 inches. Canon 4 x 6 printer photo paper is the most common.

What is the best paper thickness to go with?

There are a few different thicknesses, or weights, of paper available. You will want to choose the correct weight so that your photos will come out nicely when you print them.

  • Heavier paper produces higher quality prints in general. It absorbs ink more richly. Its a durable option for those memories that you want to last.
  • Lighter paper is also an option. It prints a bit quicker. A lighter paper is good for everyday images that you dont plan to frame. It can also be folded and used for images on projects and cut to make collages.
Is the papers finish important?

Yes. There are many different surface finishes that you can choose from. The finish of the photo paper you pick can impact the quality of the prints.

  • High gloss finishes: These are quite reflective and work well for high-definition images. Keep in mind that these glossy paper sheets can create a glare behind a frame. If you are framing your photos, a satin or matte finish may be a good idea.
  • Soft gloss finishes: These are less shiny than high glosses and thus less reflective. Like high gloss, soft gloss may create a glare when behind a frame.
  • Matte finishes: This type of finish works for photographs that you dont want any reflection or distortion on. Remember that matte paper absorbs more ink, so this can lead to colors bleeding.
  • Satin finishes: These are a mix of gloss and matte. They are great for sharp images that have lots of color and lighting differentiation.
  • Luster finishes: These finishes are great for photographs that you plan to frame, and like satin, are somewhat reflective, but much less than soft or high gloss finishes. This kind of paper is ideal for custom photolab looks or monochromatic images as well.
What about paper texture?

Some photo paper has a textured finish. This can give your images an artistic look that brings a project to a new level. With many paper brands, you can choose rough, organic, smooth, or "art paper" texture finishes.

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