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Camera Neck/Shoulder Straps for Mamiya

Important FAQs About Neck and Shoulder Straps for Mamiya Cameras

For classic Mamiya cameras, a leather or cloth strap for your neck, wrist, or shoulder may be a helpful accessory. Wrapped around your wrist or slung at your side, your camera can be near at hand and at the same time kept out of the way. Here are some important factors to consider when thinking about purchasing a neck or shoulder strap.

How do you use a neck or shoulder camera strap?

Some cameras include attachments on the body of the Mamiya itself while others attach to points on a carrying case. Camera users attach the strap to the camera and then loop it around their neck, wrist, or shoulder for ease of carrying. One advantage some photographers appreciate is that the attachment strap allows the photographer to operate gear, film, or objects with their hands while still keeping the camera close by for quick use.

What materials are used for neck or shoulder camera straps?

Camera straps can come in a variety of styles including leather, canvas, cloth, or other materials to suit many different personal tastes.

Here are some of the differences:

  • Leather camera strap: Black leather or brown leather are classic materials for a camera strap. Typically, leather is flexible and generally durable with proper care. The leather of the camera strap coordinates with the color of the Mamiya and may feature other decorative leather elements such as lugs or buckles.
  • Canvas strap: Durable black or brown canvas coordinates well with cases in a variety of colors, especially neutrals and earth tones.
  • Woven strap: Woven or embroidered with intricate designs and multiple shades including red, black, blue, yellow, and green, camera straps are colorful as well as functional. Some woven designs also feature leather attachments.
  • Nylon strap: Durable black or colored nylon canvas straps can be classic and understated or feature the Mamiya name.
What are some important considerations when buying a Mamiya strap?
  • Security: Always check to see that a specific strap will be compatible with your cameras design and will hold your Mamiya securely in place.
  • Accessibility: For accessibility, a camera strap should help keep the camera out of the way when you are adjusting filters or lighting. At the same time, it should keep the camera easily at hand for capturing those fleeting moments.
  • Length: Before buying your camera strap, measure your ideal length by using a piece of string. Most straps fall in the 36-inch range; however, several models may be adjustable to suit individual taste.
  • Cross-body or classic: The classic black leather neck design allows you to hold your camera positioned near your waist. However, you may prefer a cross-body design. The cross-body design allows you to move your camera to your back, while still having it within reach.
  • Padding: Some camera straps come with padding at the neck or wrist area or throughout the entire strap for more comfort.
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