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Camera Memory Stick Micro M2 Card Adapters

Create Your Memories With a Memory Stick Micro M2 Card Adapter for Camera

M2 memory sticks are made by a variety of different companies. There are many different ways to adapt these memory devices to be compatible with computers or cameras. Search through this vast selection to find a connection device that suits your purposes.

What is a Micro M2 memory stick?

This type of memory stick is used exclusively by Sony. These memory modules are only compatible with cameras made by this brand. They are similar in size and shape to Micro SD cards, but they do not work with devices that take Micro SD cards.

How much memory do these types of memory sticks hold?

The capacity of this type of memory module varies. Some M2 sticks hold 64 megabytes of data, but some can hold up to 16 gigabytes. You can carry multiple memory modules with you and substitute fresh data devices when you run out of space.

What types of adapters are available for this memory stick?

A few different types of devices are used to adapt M2 memory sticks to fit into other types of ports. Some of these devices include:

  • Standard SD sheathes: These adapting devices look like small flat cards. They have a standard SD connector on one end, and there is a small slot on the other end. This slot is designed to admit M2 cards. Once an M2 card is inserted into the slot, the SD card end can be inserted into any SD card reader.
  • USB card reader hubs: These devices generally have multiple slots for various different types of memory modules. They are connected to a computer using a standard USB connector, and they often have external power sources. These adapting devices usually have multiple LED lights across the front that indicate which card-reading ports are currently in use.
  • Universal USB sticks: These adapters look similar to USB flash drives, and they usually have a protective covering. When the covering is removed, multiple slots for various types of memory modules are revealed.
How do you use this type of adapter?

Each type of adapter is used slightly differently. However, these general rules apply when using each type of device:

  • Insert your M2 memory module into the adapter.
  • Connect the adapting device to a computer. For some devices, this will entail inserting the adapter into your computers SD card slot. In other cases, you can connect the device to a USB connector.
  • If any software or drivers need to be installed to use your device, they should be installed automatically.
  • Navigate to your file viewer to view or alter the files on the card. On Apple computers, you will need to open the Finder application. On Windows computers, navigate to the File Explorer program.
  • Disconnect the adapting device when you are done.
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