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Camera Lens Adapter for T-Mount Lens

Expand Your Canon Photography Capabilities Using a Lens Adapter

The T-mount lens fitting adapter connects to Canon EOS models including the 60D, 7D, 550D, 40D, and 500D. Use it to attach your EOS to any lens, telescope, enlarger, or microscope and to any attachments that have a T2 universal thread mount to add effects to your images and enhance them, whether youre shooting indoors or outdoors.

What functionalities do T-mount EOS adapters provide?

These Canon EOS adapters give you the infinity control function, which helps you focus on objects far away at a broad depth of field. You also can use the T-mount adapter to attach the accessories you need to capture a subject moving between the foreground and background of a scene. Similarly, you can experiment with making parts of your background your primary focal point. Additionally, you could adjust settings to cause background blurring while foreground, close-up objects remain sharp. The features you see below also produce a variety of photo effects:

  • Image autofocus and stabilization
  • Full aperture until pin pushes lens to stop down position
  • Aperture priority or manual control of ISO and shutter speed
  • Camera settings for capturing subjects at shallow depths of field
  • Options for mirrorless or concept with no internal glass
Will automatic diaphragm and autofocus work using a T-mount adapter?

Often, you need to use the manual diaphragm and focus settings when using this type of adapter. However, you can remove the T-mount adapter for times when you want to these automated settings if this adapter does not allow it. Also, note that some adapters will allow for automatic exposure when switching your camera to aperture priority mode.

How do you choose the right adapter?

Pay attention to how an adapter would connect to your camera as you view item descriptions and images. You also can see if your manual provides information about adapter compatibility, or look on your Canon device for a model name or number and search for adapters made for it. Deciding how you want to use your camera will also determine T-mount Canon adapter compatibility. Adjustable adapters also are available for some Canon models.

Can you use the adapter with a lens?

In many cases, yes, you can use the adapter with a lens when using the camera in manual or aperture priority exposure mode. The EOS M EF-M mount camera is one for which you can use a lens.

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