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Camera Lens Adapter for Sony E Lens

Add Variety to Your Photography with a Lens Adapter for Sony E Camera

A Sony E-Mount Adapter can help give you more options when youre taking pictures. When you have a Sony E camera, you typically need an E-mount lens. If you want to borrow lenses or buy ones that arent available for the Sony E camera, though, you can use an adapter to make the connection.

What is a lens adapter?

A lens adapter allows a lens that isnt designed for the mount of your camera to fit onto the body. Your Sony E camera mount is designed for an E lens. With an adapter, though, you can buy other lenses or borrow them from other photographers. In most instances, all functionality of the lens, including autofocus and image stabilization, will still be available.

How does an adapter attach?

An adapter has threading on one side, which is how the lens will connect. You will thread the lens into place so that your camera can recognize it. The other side has a set of grooves that will fit into the mount of your camera. This will allow you to place it into the hole, turn it, and listen for the snap. Depending on the Sony model you have, there may also be a lock mechanism to keep it in place.

How do you choose the right adapter?

The right adapter is going to depend on the camera as well as the type of lens that you want to buy. For example, if you want to use a Canon lens, you will need an Sony E-Mount adapter that is designed for a Canon lens. Some of the lens model options that are available include:

  • Canon EOS
  • Leica M
  • Pentax K
  • Minolta MD
  • Nikon F
What is an adapter made of?

An adapter is typically made of metal. This will allow you to have a durable option that connects your E-mount lens to the mount on your Sony camera.

What types of lenses can you use?

When you have an E-Mount camera, its important to look at the lenses that are available. You will have more flexibility to add to your photography equipment by using an adapter. As long as the adapter allows for a particular lens fitting, you can choose from an array of E-mount lenses, including:

  • Super telephoto
  • Telephoto
  • Standard
  • Wide angle
  • Fisheye
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