Bradford Exchange Collectibles

Essential Knowledge About Bradford Exchange Collectibles

The Bradford Exchange was started in 1973 by J. Roderick MacArthur, at first offering only personalized and collectors plates to his customers. Decades later, this company designs, manufactures, and offers many unique limited-edition collectibles, figurines, and other kinds of gifts.

What are some of the collectibles that are offered?

The Bradford Exchange develops and offers art-based products with a variety of themes. While the company began with collectors plates, it has expanded over the years to bring many different types of collectible pieces in a number of categories, including:

  • Personalized gifts and ephemera - Collectibles are available with dates or names engraved upon them as gifts for occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, or Christmas.
  • Jewelry of all types - The company makes necklaces, rings, bracelets, and other items for keepsakes. They can be given a specific message, such as indicating a persons status as a veteran, or they may carry information mentioning their occupation.
  • Sports and team paraphernalia - Many items are available that indicate a persons sports team preferences and colors.
  • Christmas and holiday décor - Some of the keepsakes are handcrafted Christmas items.
  • Artistry by Thomas Kinkade - You can find items that feature artistry by Thomas Kinkade such as lighted holiday village centerpieces, holiday collections that include multiple lighted pieces, and tabletop Christmas trees. You can also find collectible plates and Christmas wreaths that feature artistry by Thomas Kinkade.
What are some garments and clothing offered by this company?

The company offers a collection of the following items for both women and men:

  • Jackets and coats varying in color and style, including those for various climates
  • Thematic hoodies
  • Thematic sweatshirts
  • Decorative and personalized tennis shoes
  • Clothing items that have the Breast Cancer Awareness insignia
Is Ashton-Drake part of the Bradford Exchange?

Yes, the Ashton-Drake Galleries is an affiliated partner. The company has been a source for collectible dolls since the year 1985. Dolls that are available from Ashton-Drake include lifelike replications, angels, Jack and Sally from "The Nightmare Before Christmas," and lifelike monkey dolls, to name just a few.

Why do the plates have a COA?

The company is well-known for making a series of commemorative plates that have become collectibles. To assist in verification, it includes a COA with its plates.

COA stands for Certificate of Authenticity. The COA provides information to assist in verifying that the item is authentic rather than counterfeit. The COA will include a statement of authenticity and signature from an appraiser or other authority. The items have a specific production number that is on file, which you can contact in order to help verify that the plate and the COA itself is authentic.

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