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Bose Wave Radio Remote

A Buyers Guide to Selecting a Bose Wave Radio Remote

When you want to change the station, function, volume, or mode of your radio, having a remote control makes the process more convenient. A quality remote works from most places in a room and offers access to all of the features that you need to use. On eBay, you can choose from a variety of new and used Bose Wave radio remotes at affordable prices.

How do you choose an affordable Bose Wave radio remote?

When you are looking for an affordable Bose Wave radio remote on eBay, consider its:

  • Condition: Choose from new, manufacturers refurbished, or used.
  • Color: Select a white, gray, or black remote control.
  • Batteries: Choose a remote with or without batteries.
  • Compatibility: Make sure that the model of your Bose radio works with the model of the remote. This information can be found in your owners manual.
  • Manufacturer: Select a remote by the original equipment manufacturer or an aftermarket remote control.
What are the available types of Bose Wave radio remotes?

The available types of new and used Bose Wave radio remotes on eBay include:

  • Home audio remote: This type of remote controls the audio functions of the radio. It may also work with your other Bose products.
  • TV remote: This style of remote may also be able to control your television.
  • Universal: These remotes work with multiple Bose radio products and may be able to control other audio or video equipment.
What are some features of Bose Wave radio remotes?

Some of the convenient features of the Bose Wave radio remotes may include:

  • Preset functions: You can program your own preset stations for conveniently finding your favorites.
  • Programming: The remote controls are easy to program to your model of Bose Wave radio.
  • Wake to music: You can use the radio as an alarm clock. It has options to wake up to music or the alarm sound.
  • Automatic off function: You can set the radio to turn off at a specific time of the day.
What functions can the affordable Bose Wave radio remotes perform?

The Bose Wave radio remotes perform functions such as:

  • Volume control: Turn the volume up or down and have a button for muting.
  • Radio tuner: Select AM or FM tuning.
  • Station scanning: Scan for AM and FM radio stations.
  • Media functions: Pause, play, stop, skip, fast forward, or rewind the disc or digital music file.
  • Alarm: Set an alarm to sound at a specific time.
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