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Bose Wave Music System

Fill a Space With Vibrant Music Using a Bose Wave Music System

When you need to play music for a casual event or a party, the Bose Wave Music Systems sound processing capabilities wont let you down. This award-winning system makes music better by enhancing sounds using waveguide speaker technology.

What are the main Bose system features?

The Bose Wave Music System has numerous features that simplify the process of listening to music. Most options can make listening experiences more enjoyable during parties and throughout solo sessions. The main features include:

  • Bluetooth - Its Bluetooth feature lets the Bose Wave Music System connect to other devices without using cords. Bluetooth can pull music from a tablet or a smart phone.
  • CD changer - When you want to play music like a DJ, the CD changer can help. This feature switches music CDs so that everyone can hear different tracks.
  • Headphone jack - The headphone jack connects the Bose system to a pair of headphones. You can use lightweight earpieces or large headphones with a Bose system. If an accessory doesnt have a proper sized jack, you can connect it to a Bose unit by using a modification adapter.
  • iPod dock - This feature lets users play music from an iPod. After an iPod is docked, music on the device plays through the Bose Wave Music System.
What sounds are processed by the Bose Wave Music System?

A Bose Wave Music System produces acoustic sounds. Other sound equipment cant process acoustic elements like a Bose system because Bose has proprietary waveguide technology. This hardware makes acoustics sound appealing by enhancing deep lows. It also takes bass sounds, tremble effects, and percussion instruments to the next level. When all of these elements work together, the system fills an environment with bold music.

What are the design options for Bose Music Systems?

Youll find Bose Wave Music Systems in a variety of colors that match common consumer electronic products. If you need a unit that will blend with your television or DVD player, a light gray option is worth considering. Bose also makes black units and white systems; these options will match equipment thats used in an office.

What sound formats can a Bose Music Wave System support?

While operating a Bose Wave Music System, you can play music thats in the AAC format. You can also listen to many MP3 tracks using the sound system. Although both formats produce crisp sound, AAC has the best sound quality.

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