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Bosch Surveillance DVRs & NVRs

Increase Your Home or Business Security with Bosch Surveillance DVRs

Bosch produces a variety of electronics, power tools, and other equipment for both personal and professional needs. Their security systems use DVR or NVR recorders to keep track of everything happening on your property. You can explore the wide range of reasonably priced Bosch surveillance equipment available on eBay to find the model that meets your needs.

Can you remotely view what is happening on your system?

Bosch has provided a few ways that you can check what is going on with your security system even when you are not present. After you set up and install all of the equipment, you can connect it to an app or program that allows you to monitor the feed remotely from other devices. Bosch uses a secure video client or a dedicated app that you can pair with most of your devices. You can log into your account as the administrator of the system, and the equipment will provide you with real-time updates about what is going on or any alerts that might be necessary.

What are some features of Bosch surveillance systems?

All security systems by Bosch can record, store, and play video for you. However, many of their products include additional features that you might find convenient. If you have a specific set of requirements already, you can use the helpful options on eBays sidebar to filter the selection and find the equipment with the features you want. Some common aspects you will come across are the following:

  • Audio- Many of these surveillance systems can record audio in real time and pair it with the video feed.
  • Backups- Although you can record security data to the built-in DVR component, you may wish to purchase a device that can back up your data on physical DVDs for storage.
  • Time lapse- You can view any recordings in real time to see what has happened, but some models support a time lapse feature as well. You can use this option to skip through recordings.
How much data can a Bosch surveillance system store?

Bosch security systems usually include an internal hard drive with a set amount of storage space. Note that some models support other recording options to back up your data and free up hard drive space if you wish. Most of these drives measure their space in gigabytes or terabytes. If you have an estimate of the storage space you need, you can use eBays categories to find models that meet your minimum requirements. Some common storage capacities are 500GB, 700GB, or 2TB.

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