Blue Ridge China & Dinnerware

Blue Ridge China & Dinnerware

Blue Ridge Pottery and China, which was made by Southern Potteries Incorporated, was a colorful floral pottery line in existence between the 1930s and 1950s. These pieces included colorful floral-print vases, plates, bowls, platters, serving dishes, pitchers, gravy dishes, cups and saucers, salt and pepper shakers, and oil and vinegar bottles. Although they are no longer in production, Blue Ridge Pottery dishes are available today as vintage home items.

What makes Blue Ridge Pottery unique?

Every piece of Blue Ridge Pottery created was painted by hand, so every piece was unique. Blue Ridge Pottery only made pottery and dinnerware pieces and sets to order with patterns being numbered, and the company accepted commissions of varying sizes. Some orders were even as small as a few dozen pieces made with exclusive designs. The rarest of all Blue Ridge Pottery pieces are known as "after lunch-time," which are exclusive and signed by the artists who painted them.

What kinds of features do all Blue Ridge Pottery have?

All Blue Ridge Pottery is stamped with the "Blue Ridge hand-painted underglaze" or "Southern Potteries" seal depending on when the piece was made. The name of the company that made Blue Ridge Pottery was called Southern Potteries and was incorporated in 1920. The "Blue Ridge" label began being used in the 1930s. Vibrant patterns and images painted by hand are the hallmarks of Blue Ridge Pottery.

What kinds of patterns are available on Blue Ridge China?

All of the artwork on Blue Ridge dishware was brushed, rolled, or sponged on by hand. Most patterns consist of flowers and floral motifs while others feature fruits likes apples, grapes, pears, cherries, and olives. Other designs feature scenes from farm life, like animals, farmhouses, and farmers. Some designs are repetitive, and some consist of a central element or grouping of elements. Natural and farm elements inspire most of the artwork. Some platters were even shaped like leaves. Some rare Blue Ridge pieces do not feature floral themes at all but rather a solid color glaze on the entire piece.

How are Blue Ridge Pottery pieces identified?

Blue Ridge Pottery used numbers to identify their patterns, and there were thousands painted during the lines production. Additionally, the fact that each piece was hand-painted means that there were often variations within patterns that were all supposed to be the same. Today, Blue Ridge Pottery pieces can be bought individually or as a set when available.

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