Volkswagen Touareg Blower Motors

Volkswagen is a brand well-known for their premium vehicles, and their Touareg SUV is no exception. Regular maintenance will keep your VW Touareg or Touareg Sport on the road for many years. You can find the right blower motor and related parts for your vehicle and extend the life span of your Volkswagon.

How do you know when your blower motor is bad?

Several warning signs could indicate the blower motor in your Volkswagen Touareg needs replaced. Generally, problems with the air conditioning or heat are the first indication of a problem. Air conditioning and heating problems could be the result of several different issues. To confirm the blower motor is the problem in your vehicle, look for the following signs:

  • No airflow from vents: With the engine on, turn the air conditioner to full blast and put your hand up to the vent. If you can’t feel any airflow from the vents, this could indicate the blower motor in your Volkswagen has failed.
  • Fan only blows at certain speeds: If the fan only seems to blow with the air conditioner at certain speeds, this could indicate your Volkswagen blower motor is failing.
  • No change in airflow: If you can’t feel the airflow through your vents increase as the air controller speed is increased, this could be an indication of a bad blower motor in your Volkswagen.
  • Visual damage: Finally, any observable damage to the blower motor, its connectors, tubes, or fan indicates the blower motor in your Volkswagen will need to be replaced.
How do you replace a Volkswagen Touareg blower motor?

Replacing the blower motor in a Volkswagen Touareg SUV is a relatively simple process. You will need a flat head and Phillips head screwdriver. The blower motor is accessed from inside the vehicle rather than through the engine compartment. Take the following steps to replace your Volkswagen blower motor:

  1. Locate the three clips holding the foot well cover in place. On most Touareg models, these clips are placed at the far left, center, and far right along the top of the foot well cover.
  2. Insert a flat head screwdriver at each clip and gently twist to loosen the cover.
  3. Unplug the harness connector once the foot well cover comes free and remove the cover.
  4. Locate the blower motor. On most Touareg models, the blower motor is located to the upper left.
  5. Remove the retaining screws that connect the blower motor to the housing. On most Touareg models, there are three screws.
  6. Disconnect the blower motor connector.
  7. Remove the blower motor from its housing.
  8. Reverse the process to install the new blower motor in your Volkswagen Touareg SUV.