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Black & White Large Format Printer

Large Format Black and White Printers

Large format printers can print on larger-than-normal papers and poster-size images. Black and white mono printers are specifically designed to print colorless black and white documents and images. These monochrome printers are especially useful for architecture and engineering prints that require large papers at a high resolution.

What are the different types of black and white printers?

The types of devices are mainly separated into categories depending on the technology they use to produce the paper images. The different printing technologies are:

  • Dot matrix: Prints with a fixed quantity of wires or pins. The variations of this type depend on the number of pins which determine the resolution of the image. The most common is a 24 pin version.
  • Inkjet: As the name implies, this printer uses ink to create images.
  • Laser printer: A laser printer uses an electrostatic digital printing technology. A laser beam goes over a cylinder known as a "drum" and uses the negatively charged parts to define the image to be created. The ink that creates the image is also electrically charged to stick to the opposite charge of the image.
  • Thermal: Produces monochrome image on a heated paper. The coating of the paper turns dark as it is heated.
What connections do the wide format printers have?

Depending on the type and model of large format mono printer, different connections are available to computers, phones, or tablets that are usually the source of the images that are to be printed. These are:

  • EIO: It has a connectivity card.
  • Ethernet (RJ-45): This uses a local area network through an Ethernet cable and port.
  • Parallel (IEEE 1284): Uses circuits to connect two devices to a single path of electrical current.
  • Serial (RS-232)These also use cables and ports to create a connection between devices.
  • USB: USB can be used to be connected to a computer, phone, or tablet USB port.
  • Wireless: Uses connectivity like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to connect to devices.
What are some different print resolutions?

Printers differ in their resolution quality. The numbers of dots per inch (dpi) value are relative to the pixels per inch on a monitor. The higher the value, the greater the resolution. An average device will perform at 300 to 720 dpi, while some go up to 2400 dpi.

At what speed do large format printers work?

The speed is measured in printed pages per minute (ppm). Different volumes of pages can be produced depending on this given value. Different institutions and offices require different volumes of papers to be produced at a given time. For places with big quantities of pages need to be produced, purchase a higher ppm value device. The speeds can be:

  • 40-49 ppm
  • 50-59 ppm
  • 60-plus ppm