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Black Country English Horse Saddles

How to Choose Black Country Saddles to Meet Your Riding Needs

Black Country Saddles offers a variety of saddles made by hand. The company chooses top-quality leather and fittings because they want these saddles to last. Black Country Saddles, like those found on eBay, are quality finds.

What types of saddles does Black Country Saddles make?

Black County Saddles makes a variety of saddles designed for different purposes.

  • Dressage saddles - These saddles, like the Adelinda, allow for close communication between horse and rider. A variety of tree styles are available ensuring proper fit.
  • Trail ride/ Endurance saddles - Designed to fit plus-size breeds, these saddles, like the Equinox, feature set back stirrup bars to help riders stay comfortable. The saddles many D-rings help riders carry along gear.
  • General purpose saddles - Riders who love to do a variety of riding activities often like general-purpose saddles, like the GPD. Straight-cut flaps allow these saddles to work for show or dressage. A variety of trees allows riders to customize the fit to their mount.
  • Polo saddles - These saddles have reinforced-forged-steel trees for durability. They also feature wood-flocked panels for a customized fit. These saddles also have custom foam panels to keep riders more comfortable.
  • Show saddles - Low cantles on these show saddles, like the Hartley, allow them to be comfortable to riders of different sizes. Riders can customize the fit to their mount because they have wood panels.
Does Black Country Saddles offer any saddles for specific horse breeds?

Most Black Country Saddles products are perfect for a variety of breeds. The company makes special saddles for Icelandic horses. These saddles have a unique cantle allowing for room for larger riders. They are available with S-style or dressage-style straps. The company also produces their Shire saddles for those looking to ride traditional workhorses. These saddles have wider panels to fit the size of these larger animals.

Points to keep in mind when choosing the right size saddle

Keeping the following points in mind will help you choose the right saddle for your horse:

  • The saddle should sit at least 1 inch behind the horse’s shoulder blade.
  • The end of the saddle should sit on or be before the horse’s last rib.
  • There should be at least 0.5 inch between the horse’s withers and the underside of the saddle with a mounted rider.
  • The saddle panel must rise above the spine while not being too narrow for the horse.
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