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Battery Covers for Samsung Galaxy S5

Battery Covers to Protect and Secure Your Samsung Galaxy S5

Several battery covers are available for Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone models. These products vary in their color schemes, with some covers available in multiple colors. Covers are designed to provide stability, support, and grip.

What are the design elements of a Samsung battery cover?

The products in this collection for Samsung Galaxy S5 include different color schemes as well as text layouts. Cases may be designed with a particular carrier featured on the cover. The brand name and model of the phone may appear on the case as well. Some products are comprised only of a solid color. Some of the solid color options that are available include gray, green, black, white, red, silver, gold, and blue.

What are some of the protective features of battery covers?
  • Packages may include both screen and backside protection for mobile devices. Screen protectors provide resistance to both scratches as well as dust and minor bumps.
  • Covers are made of a plastic material designed to adhere tightly to the mobile device to prevent damage from drops or falls. In some products, water resistance is included.
  • Cutouts for the camera lens and flash features are included. Cutout edges protrude so that the camera lens and flash of a device is not disturbed if a phone is laid down flat.
  • Patterned designs with indentations throughout the back side of some cases are designed as such due to the grip that the indentations provide. This is useful for those who may be at risk of dropping their phone more frequently or have had a phone skip off a surface.
Are there installation tool kits for Samsung Galaxy battery covers ?

The tools necessary for installation may or may not be included depending on the individual product package. In some instances, the required screwdrivers are available along with other tools. The covers that are included already come with the adhesives needed for installation.

If a screen protector is included as part of the product package, no installation tools are needed to put the screen protector on. It will contain a peel-away layer that will expose an adhesive layer upon removal. This layer should then be placed flat on the phone display and pressed out to remove any air bubbles that form. After installation of battery covers, check to ensure your cover is aligned correctly and secured tightly.

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