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Breakfast Bar Stools

Having a breakfast bar at home is a relaxing way to kick back and enjoy breakfast in the midst of all the activity of getting ready for the day. Bar stools designed for breakfast bars are taller than normal chairs so that those sitting in them can reach the counter. You can choose from an array of stools to find the ones with the height for your breakfast bar that also fit your aesthetic preferences.

What types of breakfast bar stools are there?

There are five main types of bar stools that work well with breakfast bars:

  • Backless: These bar stools are designed to slide right under the breakfast bar counter when not in use. This leaves your kitchen looking more open and less cluttered while removing potential tripping hazards.
  • Low back: Some bar stools have low backs that add a bit of support for the person sitting in it. While these bar stools can still slide under the kitchen bar, they may be easier to sit in for younger kids or those who need the additional back support.
  • Full back: These bar stools have a high back just like normal dining room or kitchen chairs. However, they have longer legs so that they fit under the counter.
  • With arms: Some bar stools offer even more support and security with arms. These often also have low backs or high backs.
  • Swivel stools: Those stools may have backs and arms. In addition, however, the sitter can turn the stool around to face other directions. Some of these bar stools will actually turn themselves around to fit back under the counter when not in use.
What materials are breakfast bar stools made of?

Bar stools designed to be in the kitchen come in a wide variety of styles and materials. These materials include:

  • Metal: These unique bar stools work well in industrial style kitchens or rustic breakfast nooks.
  • Wood: Traditional-style stools are often made from wood. Some wood stools may also include a fabric or leather seat.
  • Plastic: If you have a young family and kids, plastic stools can often withstand rough use while still looking new.
  • Fabric: Fabric stools often incorporate other materials for the frame, including wood and metal. These fabric stools often have fun or classic unique patterns.
  • Leather: Leather stools give a sense of tradition and luxury to your kitchen.
What should you consider when looking for breakfast bar stools?

When looking for stools for your kitchen bar, you may wish to consider:

  • Stool type: You may find bar stools with arms, backs, and swivel capabilities more comfortable than backless stools.
  • Bar stool height: The length of the stool legs is important as you should easily be able to reach the bar or high table.
  • Style: The style of your bar stools should fit the aesthetics of your kitchen or breakfast room.