Audio Media Accessories

Preserve All Your Favorite Tunes with Vintage Music Storage Accessories

Vintage music storage accessories might be just what you need if you still own CDs, cassettes, or records. Browse the storage accessories here on eBay available for a reasonable price that could preserve your vintage media and maintain your music's collectible value. Portable storage accessories are also available for travel use.

What kinds of vintage music storage accessories are available?

You would be surprised by how many offerings are posted here on eBay for a reasonable price that can be used for storing all your music. Some are racks used for display out in the open, but others are for keeping your items concealed safely in a closet. They include the following storage accessories:

  • Record sleeves - They usually are made of paper and hold vinyl records such as 7-inch or 12-inch sizes.
  • Album sleeves - An alternative to paper sleeves, these are sometimes made out of polyethylene. They might be made for any size records including the 12 3/4-inch single LPs.
  • Vintage record carrying case - You might find some made of cardboard that will hold your 7-inch or another size of vinyl disc. Metal boxes also are available.
  • Cassette cases - They might hold one or several cassettes in them for safekeeping of all your collectible "tapes." You also might find cassette cabinets with the pull-out drawers offered for a low price. In addition, you may see some leather 8-track cases listed.
  • Compact disc cases - Sometimes they are jewel cases that hold one CD, but others are for organizing several compact discs in them for easy storage, access, and collection.
Protective characteristics of media storage accessories

They might have an anti-static feature that prevents accidental damage or erasure. Others are made of materials that provide enhanced protection against moisture, spills, fire, or other elements. They also might have latches or clasps to provide additional protection of your items, and they often are compact enough to hold in a safe or hide away when not in use.

How many items do music or media storage accessories hold?

It depends on the media size. Sometimes, they only hold single records, CDs, or cassettes. Other times they might hold as many as five to 10 items. You also can find some that might contain enough slots for at least 20, while others may have space for 100 or more pieces. Whether just for replacing a single CD jacket or for storing items for use later to entertain crowds and preserving your vintage collections, you will have plenty of options.

Do they come with labels for organizing?

Some might come with at least some space for placing a label or handwriting a name of a band, song, or artist on them. However, many of them are designed for showing the part of the label, case, or cover that would include either an album, cassette, or disc title or names of songs produced as singles. In any case, they all are meant for making it easier to find your vintage media album and song titles come time to retrieve them.