Other Motorcycle Seating Parts

After riding your motorcycle for a few years, it may be time to replace or even upgrade the seats and other parts of the bike. Whether you own a Honda, Kawasaki, or Suzuki, these motorcycle parts are essential, as a proper chair on the bike will help prevent aches and pains in your back. When its time to swap out the seating and accessories, take a look and find one that will be ideal on your trip.

What materials are the bike seats made from?
  • Leather - A leather seat is designed to be one of the more comfortable seat materials as well as durable. You can find a variety of colors to match the color scheme of your motorcycle parts.
  • Rubber - This material is designed to be easy to clean as well as enjoyable to ride regardless of the temperature. They are water-resistant and have improved UV resistance.
  • Polyester - As with rubber, polyester motorcycle parts are comfortable to ride due to the ability of the fabric to breathe. They are resistant to tears. Clean these frequently to avoid odor from sweat.
  • Vinyl - The primary benefit of vinyl is the simplicity of cleaning and ability to breathe. After long rides, it can heat up, so take a few breaks if necessary.
What motorcycle seat styles are available?
  • Single driver and passenger - These large motorcycle seats are designed to fit both the driver and their other riders. Before use, youll want to check to verify your motorcycle is large enough to handle this.
  • Single driver - The drivers seat can be wide, narrow, or medium in width. Make sure the seat is the proper width in order to accommodate your needs.
  • Single passenger - Depending on the model of your motorcycle, this part will typically be wider and shorter than the drivers seat. Youll want to verify the model of your motorcycle can accept this option.
What accessories are available for motorcycle seats?

When finding your next motorcycle seats, consider other motorcycle parts for additional fatigue reduction. Such items include:

  • Driver backrest - Placing this on the back of your motorcycle allows you to sit up properly. This addition reduces wear and tear on your back and shoulders, especially during longer trips
  • Additional backrest - You dont want to forget the other motorcycle riders comfort. Attaching this allows them to feel more secure as well.
  • Additional pad - A memory foam pad will provide an extra layer of comfort, reducing the number of necessary stops from fatigue.