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6 Pin PCI Express Computer Power Connectors

Enhance Your Gaming Experience with a 6-Pin PCI Express Connector

Maintain an already built machine or start putting together a tower or laptop to use for gaming. The 6-pin PCI Express power connector sends increased voltage to your video card and allows you to connect external devices.

What is a PCI Express pin connector?

This component connects peripheral devices, including those installed either internally or externally, to your computer. Examples of peripheral devices include video and graphics cards, a mouse and keyboard, and printers that all draw from your computer power supply but are not necessarily vital to the operation of your machine. PCI Express connectors also are often referred to as "PEG Cables" or "PCI-E connectors."

What function does the 6-pin PCI Express connector perform?

This pin cord sends an extra 12 volts of DC power to your video card from your power supply, and it usually sends that voltage to a regulator. It provides you power required for playing videos, especially while gaming, and it boosts your machine performance. The reason you might need this power pin connector is that some video cards draw more than 75 watts, so this PEG cable will provide you with more power to run that card.

Is the PCI-E +2 different than the PCI-E cables?

The PCI-E +2 is similar to the PCI-E cord. The difference is that the +2 one comes with both a 6-pin cable and an extra 2-pin cable. The +2 splitter cable provides flexibility for both uses with video cards that require an 8-pin connection and those that need only 6 pins with the extra 2-pin cord kept separate.

For what video cards are PCI Express cables offered?

Many video cards work with this type of cord, but verify compatibility with the video card part number. Examples of compatible video cards include some HD types, and a list of those used by gamers include as follows:

  • AMD Radeon: Models include X1900, HD 3870, HD 5870, and HD 6870, and you are not limited to these as long as your machine is compatible.
  • Nvidia GeForce: Select GeForce and HD video cards compatible with PCI Express power connectors include the 7800 GT, 8800 GT, 8800 GTS, and GTX 285. You may find other GeForce cards that will also work with your PCI-E cords.
  • Nvidia Quadro: The FX4500, FX5600, FX4800, and 4000 are a few examples of this type that will connect with a PCI Express cord.
What variations of PCI Express cords are offered?

You may notice that many of the PCI Express power connectors are female. However, you also might find one with male connection capabilities. Female-to-male adapters also are available to change the connection, and male-to-female adapters are also available to help you create the connection you need. You also can find PEG cables for mini-PCI cards.