Common Questions about 5MP IP Cameras

IP cameras are a convenient way to monitor a home or workplace because they eliminate the need to use bulky cables or periodically replace storage media to record a video feed. They can be used to provide home security, or they can be used as part of smart home automation technologies. To get a camera for your own space, look through the new and pre-owned 5MP IP cameras on eBay.

What should you look for in a home security camera?
  • Camera resolution: For home security, youll need enough resolution to identify people and the actions they take. For short range views indoors, this doesnt require more than a few megapixels of resolution.
  • Day and night vision: An important feature for home security is night vision, especially when you want to monitor the area around your home at night. Night vision cameras can capture nighttime video by illuminating the area with infrared light that the camera can detect.
  • Motion and sound activation: Motion and sound detection make a camera more efficient by turning on only when needed.
  • Power supply: When you need round-the-clock monitoring, youu001all need a camera that is hooked up to a continuous power supply.
  • Memory capacity: Wireless cameras will usually use removable SD cards to store their video data as itu001as captured. The amount of memory needed depends on the resolution of the video.
  • Wireless networking: Wireless connectivity will make it easier to install the camera and stream its video feed to other devices. You can also capture and record the video stream to a computer using a wireless network connection.
Is a 5MP IP camera enough for smart home applications?

Often, smart home technologies simply need a camera to detect motion to trigger events like turning the lights in a room on and off or setting the thermostat. This means that the camera doesnt need to have a high resolution to serve this purpose.

What is an IP camera?

IP stands for Internet Protocol. An IP camera has the capability of connecting to other devices over a home network or remotely over the Internet. This makes it possible to get a live video feed on your computer or smartphone. Some IP cameras have a simple web server built into them, and other cameras require that you use an app to access them. They can also be integrated into automated systems that are triggered by the IP camera over a home network.