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4G Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot Modems

Stay Connected to the World with 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot Modems

4G Wi-Fi hotspot modems are portable devices that can be taken wherever you go to keep you connected to the internet when free Wi-Fi isnt available. They provide a secure connection for you to access the web while protecting you from hackers that could steal your personal information.

What hotspot modems are available?

There are a variety of modems available including, but not limited to, the following.

  • Carriers: You can find WiFi hotspot modems from mobile carriers like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. There are also unlocked devices for prepaid, no-contract experiences.
  • Brands: Devices are available from several manufacturers like Alcatel, AT&T, Huawei, NETGEAR, NovAtel, Samsung, Sierra Wireless, and ZTE.
  • Network connectivity: Select from Wireless-Wi-Fi 802.11a, Wireless-Wi-Fi 802.11b, and Wireless-Wi-Fi 802.11n.
How do mobile Wi-Fi hotspot modems work?

These standalone devices work by tapping into 3G, 4G, and LTE cellular networks just like smartphones do. Once its made a connection on the LTE or another cellular network, the modem shares the connection wirelessly with designated game consoles, laptops, tablets, and anything else that can connect to a mobile hotspot.

What situations can a mobile hotspot be used for?

The modems can serve many uses in your day-to-day life. If you travel in your job or like to keep up with your job while you travel, a mobile hotspot can be used to connect you so you dont have to seek a wireless connection. The modems can be used to keep kids and teens entertained during travel so they can read tablets, play video games, watch favorite TV shows and movies, surf the net, stream music, and more.

Can anyone in your area use your hotspot when connected?

Just as your wireless modem is secured at home, so is your hotspot modem. Using strong security tools like WEP and WPA encryption, your connection is safe from freeloaders or hackers via the use of a password you will choose when you set up the device at the beginning. Without the password, others cant access the connection you establish on your modem.

Is a service plan required to use the modems?

A service plan or prepaid plan is required for use, but the specific details vary depending on the chosen mobile carrier and your data needs. If you have a data plan with a monthly limit, once youve used that amount of data youre done for the month unless you upgrade. If you have an unlimited data plan, the carrier can slow down your speeds across the board or once you use a set amount of data. Be sure to review carefully any service or prepaid plan beforehand so youll know how to use your data allotment responsibly.