35mm Film Stocks

35mm Film Stocks

If youre into 35mm film stocks, you know that they allow you to watch movies on a projector just like you would if you were at a movie theater. In fact, many movies are still being released in 35 mm stocks. Knowing more about the stocks will allow you to choose quality movies and enhance your movie experience.

How do you play 35mm movies?

The 35mm notation refers to the gauge or width of the stock. It is spun onto a reel, which is then placed inside of a projector. Many projectors will automatically advance the length so that there is nothing to be done once it is on. The audio is also embedded into the material, providing you with audio and visual in the stock. It is also possible to digitize the stock so that it can be played into digital projectors.

Are there different genres available?

A movie collection could consist of everything from Avatar to Friday the 13th. Diversity is important when selecting movies to watch. As a result, you will find many movies available in a 35mm stock, including:

  • Horror
  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Action/Adventure
  • Family
What is the average length of a feature movie?

Feature lengths have varied in the play time over the years. Many of Hollywoods blockbuster films released after 2000 have been around 130 minutes in length. In the 1990s, the average length was closer to 110 minutes. In addition to feature lengths, there are often shorts and teasers that are only a few minutes long. You should review the length of the movie to understand what youre getting and how long it will take to watch the movie in its entirety.

How should 35mm movie stock be stored?

A 35mm stock is properly stored inside of a tin or aluminum can. The storage case will prevent the film from unwanted effects. Also, it should be kept at room temperature to prevent the material from being affected in extreme heat.

How do you buy 35mm stock?

There are a few things to explore when buying 35mm stock. Whether you plan to buy them to view or to add to a collection, the type of video will play a big role.

  • Genre: Determine the genre, which can include anything from horror to family.
  • Title: Choose the title of the movie while paying attention to the release date.
  • Length: Its important to review if youre buying the trailer or the full length feature movie.
  • Storage: Review if the storage tin is included.