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3.5mm Female to Female Computer Audio Cables & Adapters

What 3.5mm Female-to-Female Audio Cables and Adapters Can Do for You

Adapter products and female-to-female connector cables can help you enjoy music and movie sound effects that have stereo quality. If you want to listen to audio while far away from a computer, you can make a 3.5mm cord longer by using an extension cable as a connector. Many traditional cords, adapters, and extension products are designed by a variety of manufacturers, and most provide accessories with practical features.

What are the female-to-female 3.5mm product options?

Multiple 3. mm products are designed for specific audio routines, and you can use each option by attaching the hardware to proper ports. The main female-to-female 3.5mm options are:

  • Adapter/converter: The adapter portion of an adapter/converter has hardware that connects computer speakers or home theater speakers. If the 3.5 mm cord thats attached to an adapter is used, you can connect an accessory to RCA inputs. In order to use a typical adapter, youll have to plug a cord into a standard AC power outlet. The converter hardware thats included with an adapter/converter strategically converts an audio signal to another format.
  • Coupler: Couplers can help you combine different cables in a cost-effective manner. These accessories have extension ports that connect headset or headphone cables; however, you can also use these connector pieces as extension cables.
  • Audio splitter/switcher: Audio splitter products are engineered with hardware that lets a user connect two headphone accessories or two speakers in one jack. Audio switcher products are designed with analog hardware or digital hardware.
What are the product features?

These include:

  • Housing: Many coupler and connector pieces are designed with a thick plastic housing. On this housing, youll find grooves and etches that improve your grip when the hardware is attached and removed.
  • Hardware: Most 3.5mm jacks are built with silver or gold metal hardware. Both types conduct electricity so that the wiring underneath the housing on a cord can generate crisp sounds.
  • Colors: Multiple 3.5mm accessories have a neutral color scheme that blends with the housing on typical consumer electronic products. The most common housing color tones are black and white.
What is a 3.5mm jack?

A jack is a metal piece on a cord that distributes sounds from sound sources. Although many brands build jacks in long, short, and curved varieties, a typical piece can be docked in a common jack port. If an auxiliary jack has a design scheme that doesnt suit the USB or other port on a musical device, you can attach the cord to an extension accessory that has a compatible jack.